By mere mention of the Sebei region; one’s mind will rush to the world’s leading long distance athletes as Joshua Chepetegei, Steven Kiprotich, Boniface Kiprop, Stellah Chesang, Juliet Chekwel and the like.

All those aforementioned great long distance runners hail from this high attitude zone famous for producing world stars than anything else.

Given that background, athletics in Sebei region takes the front and the rest of the games play the second fiddle role.

Jessy Lukoki, head coach of the Sebei Province in the 2019 FUFA Drum (Inter-Provinces) tournament firmly believes football has the ability to rival and compete favorably with long distance runners.

David Isabirye | Kawowo Sports Coach Jessy Lukoki talks to a Sebei Province player, Aziz Chebet, a holding midfielder
© Kawowo Sports | DAVID ISABIRYE David Bagoole (left) keeps watch of Sebei’s Cherop Yono Malil (shirt 16) in the FUFA Drum tournament.

Although this province did not progress past the group stages for the second time in a row, Lukoki is quick to admit there was a remarkable improvement from the previous season’s performance.

He thus envisages the province as a rich footballing hub with great potential to produce good footballers, more like in the athletics sphere.

The Sebei region is a very rich virgin area, full of potential players who can easily be trained and moulded to become great footballers” Lukoki,  a CAF “C” certified tactician noted.

David Isabirye | Kawowo Sports The Sebei football development programme

Sebei Province football team took part in the FUFA Drum tournament for the second time since the tourney inception in 2018.

In 2018, Sebei province managed just 1 goal to 49 goals conceded.

There was a remarkable improvement in the subsequent edition having conceded just 16 goals and scored 9 goals.

Lukoki is hopeful that the trend will further improve for the better having initiated a foundation project that has lured young willing players to grasp the A,B,C of the beautiful of beautiful game.

I started a development program in Kapchorwa when I was in Sebei province. There is need to start from youth development which I thought would develop the game of football in the area since they only have athletics. Therefore, I decided to start up a foundation in the area which of which I thought the federation (FUFA) would support since Sebei is a virgin area in football. Now, I think it will perform with development strategies I left on the ground. Also, there is minister Cheptoek tournament where there are 12 teams participating on a league basis and I think players will be picked from this league. I really thank the minister for the development strategy of the football league

Jessy Lukooki, CAF “C” Football coach
David Isabirye | Kawowo Sports Jessy Lukooki being interviewed by the media
David Isabirye | Kawowo Sports Sebei Province team in 2019
© Kawowo Sports | DAVID ISABIRYE Sebei Province Football team in 2018

Token of appreciation to Sebei Province coordinator:

In a special way, Lukooki sings special praise of the Aziz Chebet, who is the coordinator of Sebei Province FUFA Drum team.

Chebet is also the police officer and the in charge of security.

I thank Afande Aziz Chebet who has fought to see the province develops in soccer him being a police officer and actually he is the man behind all the development programs of soccer in the region” Lukooki salutes.

David Isabirye | Kawowo Sports Aziz Chebet
David Isabirye | Kawowo Sports Allan Okello (now playing in Algeria) battles Sebei’s player, Joel Wampamba last year during the FUFA Drum

The 2019 Sebei Province team had the likes of Dan Bakaki, Nasuru Chemuti (now captaining IUIU in University Football League), goalkeeper Moses Cedic Chemutai (Sky Sport, Mbale Eastern regional side), Doka Mweru (now at Express), Kenneth  (U16 Soccer for Life Foundation), Eric Simiu (U-17 Soccer for Life Foundation), Emmanuel Mawa (KIU and Soccer for Life Foundation), Joel Wampamba (KIU and Soccer For Life Foundation), Allan Kirunda (Admin FC) and many promising players.

Four players were added to the existing team and these were; Doka, Kirunda, Mawa and Wampamba.

David Isabirye | Kawowo Sports Jessy Lukoki on the bench with the other Sebei players and officials
David Isabirye | Kawowo Sports Football action at the Kiprotich stadium between Sebei and Buganda provinces in the FUFA Drrum
David Isabirye | Kawowo Sports Training at the Kiprotich stadium

With plans to set up footballing schools (academies), train personnel (coaches, administrators and referees) as well as up-grade the Kiprotich play-ground, other facilities within Kapchorwa and other places in the Sebei province, there is  a beam of hope that indeed football will become a wealthy- threat to athletics.

Who even knows that Sebei province will qualify from the group stages at the 2020 FUFA Drum tournament?

Just watch the space.



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