Aziz Damani's Brian Masaba and Saudi Islam run between the wickets during the game against Challengers Credit: John Batanudde

The price for being a champion is that you make more enemies than friends.

Tornado Bee suffered the same fate when they dominated local cricket between 2014-17. 

The other teams were envious of the success of Tornado Bee instead of raising their game and compete they

While Tornado Bee didn’t splash alot of money to win, they came up with a model club system that built a championship winning team and managed to dominate on a budget. 

On the other hand with the changing times especially economic, Damani read the script well and chose to spend on the best players locally to build a championship winning sides. 

Team Manager Siva Koti put together a great group of guys who were complimented with equally good Asian players. Players such as Brian Masaba, Kenneth Waiswa, Emmanuel Isaneez, and Dennis Tabby have been with the side since it started to dominate. 

They added proven campaigners such as Charles Waiswa, Roger Mukasa and Frank Nsubuga to an already winning line up. 

With this collection of superstars you would assume egos could get in the way of success but that was never the case, the reward system within the team was clear to everyone and each player knew that the team came before individuals. 

However, winning three titles in a row has made Damani a target as the other teams look at dethroning them. 

With deep pockets it would be impossible to attract a player that Damani also has an interest in therefore teams supported a proposal to reduce on the number of national team players on match day. 

While this is just a proposal for the 2020 season it has not been approved by the cricket board and leaves all teams and not just Damani on the way forward. 

But even without the boardroom politics during the 2019 season some teams chose to sit out games aganist Damani because they felt they would not be able to compete. 

Since all teams look after their matchday costs most teams chose to forego games aganist Damani in the guise of opportunity cost. 

While Damani has proved that they can sustain their success it’s now upto their competition to organise themselves and raise their game. 

Challengers their closet rivals in terms of resource and talent will need better management to be able get the best out of their expensively assembled squad. 

Kutchi Tigers has come close in the past but they seem more content in being in the top rather than winning the league. 

New comers Wanderers have put together a good team but looking good on paper is not enough, they will need to deliver results on the field. 

Former champions Tornado Bee don’t have the ambition anymore to win the championship and therefore enjoy their weekends unbothered. 

Denis has represented Uganda in international cricket events including the World Cup. He is currently the captain of Wanderers Cricket Club.

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