Rugby is said to have originated at School in Warwickshire, England as early as 1823 when during a game of football, a student decided to pick up a ball and run with it.

Here in Uganda, the sport was introduced by the British during colonial rule and Uganda played its first international game against Kenya in 1958.

Rugby has been marked as one of the fast-growing sports in Uganda with a small but very noisy fan base on social media when provoked or when it’s a Saturday afternoon stretching through to Sunday.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the Rugby Union, following a directive from the government, indefinitely suspended all Rugby activities in the country with hopes of resuming after a solution is found.

On Saturdays, I would be up and down on whichever ground taking photos, sharing live scores, chatting with a few people I know and maybe laughing at something either on or off the pitch.

With weekends now passing like weekdays, here are some photos I took when all was well.

Edgar Hamala

Photojournalist passionate about sports especially Rugby, Basketball, boxing and the rest is just vibes.

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