Aidenal Sports Foundation Limited (By Guarantee)

Kisubi is a “holy”tranquil lake side confine, famous for harboring the catholic community in Uganda since the 1900’s.

The same locality is home to Aidenal Sports Foundation Limited (By Guarantee) at the 1911 started Kisubi Technical facility.

Founded in February 2014, the project was also legally registered by the Registrar of Companies and has steadily cemented itself with firm tap roots whose fruits are now visible whilst others soon coming to effect.

This is a fast sprouting sports franchaise where at the moment the football entity stands out.

There is a lot in stock for this footballing family that has varying age groups ranging from the age of 5 to 23 year olds and a formidable club that plays indoor football – futsal.

Aidenal Football for Friendship Children’s Program (5-15 year olds) at Kisubi Technical play ground

Victor Aiden Sebudde, one of the two directors (the other is Matovu Patrick Lunaanoba), boldly acknowledges the humble kick-off and the giant strinds moved thus far particularly embracing education with the due zeal.

Sports is a fast changing factor from mere leisure to total professional and world over the education opportunities are there fully sponsored. There is no better time to utilize it than this one because time is coming when nonintellectuals will not get close to the table of men unless during the playing time. It’s a call to my sports lovers, please embrace education with determination. At Aidenal we are very serious with it.

Victor Aiden Sebudde, Co-Director Aidenal Sports Foundation Limited (By Guarantee)

Key opportunities:

Like all projects world-over, Aidenal has put in place the right firm structures with set goals and targets to be achieved.

Emphasis has been laid upon grassroot nurturing of talents with the key objective of giving the youth hope with the much desired professional touch, engage the girl child, futsal development, technical capacity building and the much sung element of facilities.

First things first, Aidenal management has a task of giving more youth hope with appropriate guidance sessions and other key life worthwhile lessons.

Some of the youngsters celebrate

The youth stage is a more dangerous development stage, proper guidance helps unlock opportunities and acquire a better future. At Aidenal we believe with the ball around the pitch, we can unlock many opportunities and save many youths from collapse. Putting aside the beautiful game, the values we teach them help them achieve all round success. So at Aidenal even the poorly talented youths will achieve.


Aidenal aspired to continue the process of nurturing the talents professionally. Elements of responsibilities, humility and diligence are preached at all times.

In a unique way, Aidenal needs to grow more talents with a professional ideology. We want to counter the situation that has affected most of our players, early celebrity syndrome when the player gets to his peak, he fails to control the celebrity status and falls like a garbage all of a sudden. At Aidenal we let the player aware and we try to set up the solutions for such challenge so that we protect them. One of the values we emphasize is humility and we push to ensure that all players understand and apply it at all costs.

Girls involvement:

Aidenal is initiating the female gender segment through the F4F Children’s program.

Even a journey of 1,000,000 miles commences with a brave single step, Aidenal has so far started with a single girl.

We shall have more coming on board as it’s very clear on our advert. We just need to create a little more confidence in the parents.

Aidenal team in Futsal super league at Lugogo Indoor Stadium

Futsal Development:

Modern football entails optimal usage of the ball under the very tight spaces, with quick decision making, affluent ball control and passing skills.

Nothing teaches the aforementioned skills and brings its practicability into reality than a game of indoor version of football, hithertho tagged as futsal.


The aspect of facilities remains a key concern across the divide in Uganda. Like equipment, the financial ingrident, human resource pillars as players, administrators and coaches, facilities are an independent entity that needs urgent attention.

Aidenal dreams of owning their own home and they will best be attained through direct as well as indirect partnerships.

Some of the young kids in training session

Technical Capacity Building:

The future of sport in Uganda and elsewhere in Uganda lies upon the strong basement pillars underlying the technical capability of the instititions involved.

Given this background, personalities involved ought to have attained professional training with the contemporary sports management trends.

This is exactly the same path being trod by Aidenal with one of their staff enrolled for a sports administration degree in the United States of America (USA), two are taking up sports administration courses with International Olympic Committee (IOC) and other 3 are being lined up to enroll with IOC soon.

As you build a tradition, it’s important that we build technical capacity within us. A selection of youths who have been with us are being lined up for professional sports management courses with the International Olympic Committee and other international sports scholarship opportunities with an intention of letting them grow with the institution professionally. This is a twofold one way we identify these opportunities to help the boys shape their future off the playground but for the beautiful game. Two as we grow we shall need them and there is no better human resource that the one who grew up in your ranks, knows your tradition, he will appreciate what he is working for.

Aidenal senior team “White Brigades”


All organizations world-over are faced with varying challenges in life.

Aidenal cites financial hardships since the backup is mainly from the directors’ coffers that support the initiative.

Admistratively, it has not been easy to find technical personnel in football and talent development since most of the staff available take it as leisure.

The same vice is reflected downwards to the players also, they take long to capture the will and zeal to work towards professional achievement in the sport.

When players reach maturity, they need to get other opportunities. There is a challenge in exposing the boys as most local coaches lack objectivity in judging them, and also they have fear in managing new faces.

Kids in action during the Aidenal Football for Friendship Children’s program at Kisubi Technical play ground


There are three specific programmes run at the Aidenal Sports Foundation.

These range from the Aidenal Football for Friendship Children’s program (5-15 year olds), the Youth football program (16-23 year olds) and the futsal team (Indoor football version)

Aidenal Football for Friendship Children’s Program (5-15 year olds) – Held every December

This particular program is targeted towards teaching the children the Human life values along football.

Here, the children need to have the will, belief and power to change the World, all that children need to understand to spearhead this can be done through what they enjoy most and that’s to play the beautiful game of football.

Additionally, the nine values of human life as they play the game of football are also emphasized.

These are; Friendship, Health, Victory, Peace, Devotion, Honour, Fairness, Traditions and Equality. These values streamline the children’s ideology and they learn to Value and respect humanity and they get the motivation to change the World.

The children also taught to value ecology. The world over needs wildlife and protection of the environment. This forms a support to tourism, health of nature and provision of firm environment to leave in.

Eventually, the children finalize by competing internally for the nine values cup with their teams named after wildlife species that are in threat of getting extinct with a loud cry for the masses to protect environment and wildlife.

Some of the players in the Aidenal Youth Football Program

The Youth Football Program (16-23 years olds) – July to December every year

This programme constitutes of graduates from the children program and the community youths.

The youth in community need to be given hope, this we do through football. We provide the equipment, space and all the necessary technical staff.

This has helped us provide hope to a given number of youths. Some have managed to go back to school by getting bursaries, others have turned into more responsible and more disciplines characters and this saved the community youth crime rate.

The values taught to them offer a great step in there transformation to being hopeful and responsible citizens.

The exposure to the game has helped many improve their talent in hope for better opportunities. There has been unity for the youth and they have taken advantages of networking. Like the children in the F4F program, they are also tough humanity values and they transform their lives.

They also compete in a community based tournament known as the Vipers Fan Cup/Mulindwa Cup that covers the entire Entebbe Road and a big part of Wakiso District.

The Aidenal Futsal team

Fustal (Professional Level) – Ran through the year

This program has graduates from the youth program, others are in both the youth and this level as well and others join at this level.

They compete in the Uganda National Futsal League and The Futsal Uganda Cup with games held in Uganda’s capital city, Kampala.

In 2019, the matches were played at the Fustal Arena in Kisenyi whilst the first half of the season, the games were held at the MTN Arena – Lugogo.

Jonathan Waiswa Jr. is one of the vivid products of the program


Several promising talents have been identified and are continuously being monitored.

Players as Ronald Ssonko, Jonathan Waiswa Jr, Solomon Oketch, Michael Jordan Kasozi, Marvin Kavuma, Joe Ssemakadde, Boyi Mangala, Charles Bwanika and many others are vivid products.

Aidenal player Charles Bwanika

Ssonko remains the Futsal all time leading goal scorer with 19 goals to his name tag.

Mangala currently features at Mbale based Kiboga Young (under Mbale Heroes management) and Bwanika is now on a scholarship at St Thomas University in the United States of America.

Ronald Ssonko (with the ball) is the all time futsal top scorer with 19 goals


As regards futsal development, a professional set up is being laid to expose the players to greater opportunities. Unlike other games, futsal footage is fully capture and showcased on our YouTube channels to unlock opportunities.

They are desparately seeking for the right partners to acquire space and set up standard facilities.

Aidenal is also introducing the game to the girls and will recruit as many as time goes by.

Also, they have a project of building technical capacity to better their administrators with managerial skills.

In the tomorrow years to come, Aidenal Sports Foundation Limited aspires to start up a professional run football club with the sound structures and best players ready to compete in the competitive football parameters.

Healthy talk and prayer sessions are part and parcel prior to and after every training as well as game situations

Leadership structure:

Top Management:

  • Chairman (Manager): Victor Aiden Ssebudde
  • Vice Chairman (Chief Executive Officer): Patrick Matovu Lunaanoba
  • Treasure (Director  of finance): John Leon Mayanja
  • Manager Partnerships, Sponsorships, Grants: Jonathan Cula

Aidenal School of Soccer Art (Proposed Technical team – 2020/2021):

  • Manager (Director of football): Victor Aiden Ssebudde
  • Head coach: Ronald Ssonko
  • Coaching Assistant: Jimmy Kaweesi
  • Assistant coach: Remmy Jathim
  • Head of physical preparation: Jordan Michael Kasozi
  • Mental and psychological guidance: Simon Kaweesi
  • Goalkeeping coach: Martin Dickson Ssekooto
  • Fitness Recovery: Samul Kabugo
  • Trainer in charge of dead balls: Emmanuel Wasswa


  • Public Relations Officer (PRO): Henry Musabe
  • Medical: Red Cross team
  • Finance: Leonard Mayanja
  • Kits management: Fabian Oyalo & Beatrice Kadaama
  • Groundsman: Christopher Sserugo
Aidenal team

Where the courage to continue always counts

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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