Timothy “The Sports Master” Tuhumwiire on duty

Fast rising radio presenter Timothy “Timo The Sports Master” Tuhumwiire has an undying passion to serve the populous with timely sports news as he often commentates football games.

A graduate of Mass Communication from Kampala University – Jinja branch, Tuhumwiire worked at Kiira FM (Internship), Rwenzori FM, Eiraka Radio Ibanda, Hope Radio – Kabale before his current address at Freedom Radio 94.7 Kabale.

As a teen, Tuhumwiire played football as a midfielder and later a forward at Kagongo Primary School (Mbarara), St Kagwa High School, Bushenyi (O-level) and Isingiro SS (A-Level).

In fact, during that time, he was nicknamed “Manucho” after the Angola national team player.

Timothy “The Sports Master” Tuhumwiire

He was born in Isingiro District, Ruborogota village and Ruborogota County to a peasant father Salongo Albert Turyasingura and Nalongo Christine Nalweiso, a teacher by training who is now the headmistress at Kenteko Primary School in Isingiro.

“I am the second last born in a family of six. We are four sons and I have two sisters. I was born in Ruborogota in Isingiro District,” Tuhumwiire notes.

After High school, Tuhumwiire started university education at Kampala University in 2013.

Several months down the road, he started internship at Jinja based 88.5 Kiira FM alongside the vastly experienced Richard Kimera, Hambali Jojo and Shakira Biharimana.

Life at Kiira FM was worthy the preparatory platform. I was nurtured by these soft spoken workmates. They prepared me to be a finished product as I started handling live commentary and daily basis sports shows. I was earning nothing but working for experience and brand building

Timothy “Timo The Sports Master” Tuhumwiire, sports presenter at Freedom FM in Kabale
Timothy “The Sports Master” Tuhumwiire with his wife Beatrice Kamaija during their traditional wedding ceremony

Shift from East to West:

It is nature that the glowing sun always rises from the East and settles to set in the West.

This applied in the natural path of Tuhumwiire. Upon completion of the Bachelor’s degree in mass communication at Kampala University – Jinja campus in 2016, he sought for “greener pastures in the Western part of Uganda”.

In August 2017, he joined Rwenzori FM Eiraka Radio Ibanda following a long discussion with friends in Jinja.

My friends advised me to join Radios in Western though I doubted in this at first. Remember my mission was to be best local sports and local football presenter and commentator respectively. I followed their advice and shifted base to Western Uganda.

Timothy “Timo The Sports Master” Tuhumwiire, sports presenter at Freedom FM in Kabale
The happy times with wife

At Rwenzori FM, he started covering mostly local games including the Ibanda District soccer Galas finals which was new to the audience.

“The Kagongo SS versus Ibanda SS derby match in the Ibanda District post-primary football gala final was an eye-opener that I had the ability to broadcast local matches,” he recounts.

A few months down the road, Tuhumwiire was hired by Western Youth Member of Parliament Hon. Mwine Mpaka to handle the live broadcast and commentary of Mbarara City Football Club matches.

“Broadcasting live the matches of Mbarara City was another gallant step taken as I selected as the most informed sports presenter on local football, especially on the Uganda Premier League. This made me more popular in Mbarara and beyond, opening me to new opportunities like being hosted on TV West for local football analysis.”

Last year, he was traditionally engaged to long-time companion Beatrice Kamaija, a Bachelor degree holder in Business Administration.

Timo during commentary of a domestic football match

Best moments:

He hints at the best moments thus far working at Rwenzori FM where his brand blossomed.

I become a son of FUFA through Ahmed Hussein (FUFA Communications Director). I was also able to do live Broadcast and Commentary of Uganda Cranes matches. Up to know, I am the only sports presenter who does it in Ankole and Kigezi region. Besides, Journalism has given me popularity, friends and connections. I managed to cover tuition for my dear wife for her Bachelors, Purchased some plots in our village, completed a successful introduction ceremony and currently combining with my bro to step up a homestead in the village.

Timothy “The Sports Master” Tuhumwiire, sports presenter
The housing unit under construction

Low life moments:

January 2018 was one of those grey times in Tuhumwiire’s life when he nearly suffered heart failure because of too much fatigue. Luckily, he swiftly recovered and returned for duty once again in a vibrant way.

He also itches taking on work without proper contracts which casts to job insecurity, malice from some bosses and the poor attitude of listeners in the Western region who had been breast-fed with only international sports content.

“It has taken a gradual process to change my audiences and supplied them with local rich content,” he says.

This is only the beginning for Tuhumwiire as his journey to stardom.

Only a few days ago, Tuhumwiire joined Freedom Radio 94.7 Kabale where he has taken up the morning Sports Breakfast segment (10:00AM-10:30AM) and later for the afternoon show “Ekimeeza Kyebyemizanyo” for one hour between 3 to 4 PM Monday to Friday every week.

Then on Saturday, he winds up with the Sports Round up (11AM -1 PM).

The transfer from Hope Radio to Freedom Radio is arguably believed to be the biggest on the Kigezi land in sports presentation docket and Tuhumwiire is definitely smiling to the bank.

Hope to Freedom, the sky remains the limit.

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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  1. Thank you Kawowo Sports for covering our local events even when we think you can’t reach there.
    You have made our dreams alive and equal to the gane
    Thank you

  2. Am happy for my brother Timo
    He is a good fellow, Timo knows sports, he has passion both for the presentation and playing football

  3. Hey bro Timo we welcome to Freedom for the best always
    Thanks Sports master

  4. No doubt
    He remains the big man in western Ug
    Has passion in what he does
    I became so excited when I heard his joining of Freedom Radio kabale.
    The SPORTS master

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