Busoga United FC chairperson Dinah ‘Diana’ Nyago has come out to state that Busoga Kingdom has never been a shareholder in the club.

While making an address during the FUFA-UPL season review meeting held on Thursday at the FUFA Complex, Mengo, Nyago let the cat out of the bag confirming the kingdom has never been a shareholder.

‘I want to make myself clear and put some things right. Busoga Kingdom has never been shareholders in the club. I was shocked to learn that some people without my consent went ahead to represent the club in a meeting last week.’ She said.

‘The UPL Secretariat wrote to us informing us about the meeting and we told them it had come on short notice and we couldn’t attend. The UPL CEO went ahead to call me and I maintained my position but I was surprised to see that Busoga United FC had two representatives.’

Whereas, the documents that FUFA regarding the ownership of Busoga United FC, Nyago has come out to refute them.

Busoga United FC owners according to FUFA

Dinah H.T Nyago -51%

Jinja SS – 35%

Busoga Kingdom -2%

Dr. Joseph Muvawala – 2%

Fredrick Gume Ngobi – 2%

Bwire Godfrey Osodo – 2%

Daniel Oketch – 2%

Robert Adotu – 2%

Samuel Mugabi – 2%

However, Busoga kingdom has also come out to issue a statement regarding the matter. The Katukkiro (Prime Minister) Busoga Kingdom, Dr. Joseph Muvawala has written indicating they have decided to withdraw the name from the club.

“We agreed that Busoga Kingdom, upon request of Ms Nyago permitted her to use the name Busoga United FC to register a football club in interest of Busoga community. Automatically, the Kyabazinga of Busoga became the patron of this club which position he maintained to date.

“We have noted with concern that the said Nyago, allocated herself 51% shares of the club and also purportedly allocated Busoga Kingdom and Dr Joseph Muvawala 2% shares each without their consent and knowledge. The signatures on the share allotment do not belong to the representatives of Busoga Kingdom or Dr Joseph Muvawala and the same needs to be investigated. We have never authorised the said Nyago to allot shares in the same club as has been revealed.”

The letter further states that the Kyabazinga with immediate effect ceases to be the club patron and thus the name Busoga United FC must be withdrawn.

“In light of the above, Busoga Kingdom is withdrawing the Kyabazinga as patron for this club and the name Busoga United FC and request that the same should not be used by MS Nyago until proper procedures of registration are followed.”

The club changed name from Kirinya Jinja SS FC to Busoga United FC in May last year.

Joel Muyita

Joel Muyita is a senior staff writer at Kawowo Sports.

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  1. Something tells me Nyago is biting more than she can qew. That team has changed names three times, Kirinya FC, Jinja SS, Kirinya-Jinja SS and Busoga United. One would ask WHY? If something as simple as a name can change many times, there is reason to ask many questions.
    The other thing is that Nyago TALKS too much. True as it may be that she is a good administrator, the talking endears her to many enemies. And these ones are not missing in Ugandan soccer.
    Finally, if it true as we hear the Nyago is planning to join politics, then I would advise she makes as few enemies as possible. Elective politics is more volatile and ruthless than football politics.

  2. But Nyago tis lady has why can’t you sthutup some time for purposes of continuity. You are despising our king and so busoga as a whole. Your loose ting and irespective tongue will make people of busoga forget your contributions you have made to this community. Osodo,oketch,etc is tororo United?

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