Powerlifters happily show off the food portions at Lugogo in Kampala

At the advent of 2020, the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) became pronounced in Asia and most European countries. Two months down the road, World Health Organization (WHO) declared the disease as a pandemic.

By March, Africa was severely affected like the rest of the world. As means recommended by WHO, Uganda undertook a lockdown more like the other countries.

This lock-down severely affected all sports disciplines around the world with many athletes have been affected both physically and economically.

Inclusive of the affected party were local powerlifters, who were left with nothing and inactive after the closure of gymnasiums (gyms), health clubs and bars.

Adam Greensky Ddumba in a gym after a limbering session

Soft hearted South African based sports enthusiast and businessman, Adam ‘Greensky‘ Ddumba, has come to their rescue with provision of food stuffs worthy Shs 2,000,000 (Two million Ugandan shillings).

Through their patron, world champion Roy Mubiru and team manager Frank Kaheesi, over 30 athletes received considerable kilograms of maize flour and rice, handled over in Kampala on Saturday, 4th July 2020.

The Powerlifters with their food portions. On the extreme left is team manager Frank Kaheesi

While receiving their food packs, powerlifters cried to government to reopen gyms and bars, as they are their surviving sources.

Through employment at gyms as instructors and bodyguards at bars, they have always meant their daily needs.

On the other sad note of no longer being employed, many calendars events have been cancelled.

A team of five powerlifters missed traveling to the US in March,2020 for the world powerlifting championship, it followed the May event in Vermont that was postponed.

Uganda is bound to lose hosting the world championship WPA slated for September 2020 if the the Government does not grant the green light by close of July or early August.

Adam Greensky Ddumba

“We just struggling financing as our cash cows and gyms and bars were closed” cried out Stephen Gidudu who doubles as gym instructor and lifter.

Gidudu called on government to open up workout gyms, as they have earlier been respecting SOPS and social distancing.

Juddy Alberto one of the lady powerlifters, intimated that, since government closed sports events and activities, they have been struggling financially, and left with nothing to survive America one the most globally affected country by the Covid19 pandemic is to officially open up public gyms on Monday 6th July,2020, a green light to athletes in the US.

Roy Mubiru during his work-outs

World champion Roy Mubiru based in the USA is reigniting his training activity ahead of the 33rd Annual CanAm world championship qualifiers set to be held in Brattleboro Vermont, Massachusetts 25th July,2020.

This was an earlier event that had been set for May 9th,2020 and had been postponed.

Roy Mubiru shows off his collection of trophies and medals

Ugandan powerlifters are only left to participate in world championship qualifier in Quebec, Canada in October,2020 if government opens Airport.

Adam Greensky Ddumba
Roy Mubiru proudly shows off his well built body

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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