FMU-MAU first meeting in February

The outbreak of CoronaVirus pandemic had not only shuttered the sports activities but also restrained the disputes between the national motorsport governing body, FMU and the Motocross breakaway group.

However, after close to four months, the two parties; FMU and the breakaway group, Motocross Association of Uganda (MAU)  held talks this week along with the National Council of Sports (NCS) at Lugogo.

At the end of the meeting, MAU was given a deadline to announce their actual position before NCS could give its decision on the impasse.

“We heard from the two parties and the issue at play was the desire by MAU to secede from FMU.

“There were decisions that we wanted to take but the MAU representatives said they could not proceed as they needed to consult the people who sent them. 

“So we gave them up to Monday 20th July to come back to us with a position from their stakeholders,” explained Tito Kayigwa the Assistant General Secretary in charge of administration.

FMU and MAU members during the first meeting In February. Credit: Courtesy Photo

In the same meeting, MAU was advised on the right procedures they should consider to actualise their ambitions. 

“Among the issues that we discussed, was the issues of the legality of what they were pursuing. 

“MAU allege that FMU sidelines motocross activities and that is their reason for the breakaway. 

“However, we believe the decision can be ordinarily handled by the FMU general assembly instead of breaking away. Even if it’s breaking away, it would be handled in an orderly manner which follows the law,” added Kayigwa.

MAU came in existence in February after a disagreement among the Motocross stakeholders on the person to front in the FMU elections.

Immediately after the elections, a faction group rose with an intention of promoting the interests of motocross. 

Barak Orland(L) who the faction group wanted for the FMu post in charge of motorcycling. UMX club president Jimmy Akena on the right.

The association is made up of parents and riders who claim to be unhappy with the current management of Motocross. 

Last February, the group organised an event outside of the local federation calendar. 

“Currently the council recognises FMU as the sole member in charge of all Motorsports activities. Even when the decision is to decide between one of them, FMU still remains a member. 

“We are the regulator, and we shall decide basing on the law,” asserted Kayigwa. 

FMU was represented by the President Dipu Ruparelia, General Secretary Leilah Mayanja, UMX club president Jimmy Akena as well as Vice President in charge of Motorcycling Kisitu Mayanja while MAU had their chairman Julius Bukenya, Peter Ndiwalana, Benard Muhindo, Dennis Musede. 

The NCS was represented by the General Secretary Patrick Ogwel who chaired the meeting.   

This was the second time the two parties have met following the first meeting in February. 

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