Frank Nsubuga in Cricket Cranes colours

In an exclusive interview with Kawowo Sports, Frank Nsubuga revealed that youngster Frank Akankwasa is his perfect replacement in the Cricket Cranes long term.

Nsubuga who has been one of the main stays of the Cricket Cranes for the last two decades knows that he will need to give way for new blood very soon.

Nsubuga, a master of art of off spin, made his debut for the Cricket Cranes in 1996 as a 14-year-old and has since then missed only one international engagement that Uganda has been involved in.

He formed the back bone of slowing bowling in the Cricket Cranes squad in early years before being joined by Davis Karashani, Henry Ssenyondo and Irfan Afridi later.

In the interview, Nsubuga mentions that he has at least three years left in the tank and there after move on with his life.

Frank Akankwasa Credit: Courtesy

He says he has seen similar qualities in Frank Akankwasa that convince him that he will not leave the team without a replacement.

I have seen Frank Akankwasa as someone who can replace me in the team because his style of play is similar to mine especially when I was just starting. He can bowl good off spin, score runs in the middle order, a brilliant fielder and he also listens. I was happy for him on the Qatar tour when he made his debut and did very well. That is a sign to show that he belongs. I will give him all the advise I can to make sure he becomes a top class player.

Frank Nsubuga, Cricket Cranes
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Nsubuga who is grateful to cricket for all the good he has gotten in life is committed to staying in the game even when he retires.

He has had a few coaching stints with schools and with the Lady Cricket Cranes and wants to continue the same once he retires from playing.

Denis has represented Uganda in international cricket events including the World Cup. He is currently the captain of Wanderers Cricket Club.

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