Veteran Cricket Cranes player Frank Nsubuga has revealed the dream retirement gift he would love as he nears the ultimate end of his illustrious international career.

Nsubuga, who made his debut for the Cricket Cranes in 1996, says he would love to close out his journey with a house of his own.

The star has been part of the Cricket Cranes for 24 solid years and hasn’t missed any tour to-date.

With 40 years of age his new number next month, all that most can remember is him being one of the king pins in the national team as an all rounder.

The 39-year-old however is not lost on reality even though his body is starting to get tired, as it can’t handle the intensity of high performance sports.

In an exclusive interview with Kawowo Sports, Nsubuga feels he shall have achieved if he leaves cricket with a house of his own.

This COVID situation has taught me a lesson because even as I speak now I was being thrown out of the house due to rent arrears of five months. If I can get a house even if it’s just two rooms as a token of appreciation from the cricket fraternity I would be very happy. I want to leave something for my family so that they never have to be thrown out due to rent arrears. If I had started earning from cricket since the beginning I would definitely have a house of my own. All in all, a house would be the perfect send-off for me.

Frank Nsubuga, Cricket Cranes

Loyal servant

A dedicated servant of the game and very jolly, Nsubuga has played with his two young siblings Lawrence Ssematimba and Roger Mukasa on the Cricket Cranes for as long as their bodies have allowed them.

Ssematimba has dropped out of the side but Mukasa still plays along side his big brother.

When asked what has helped him stay in the long for long Nsubuga revealed that he chose to stay away from alcohol to make sure he looks after his body while also ensuring that he always has a good night sleep before a game.

With Cricket in Uganda mostly played by amateurs, the rewards for players such as Nsubuga are usually nonexistent.

They usually earn only when the national team is on tour or turn to their clubs but there aren’t significant amounts to help them especially when the lights go out.

As he quietly leaves the floor for new dancers, Nsubuga is still hopeful that house will come through before he closes the door.

Denis has represented Uganda in international cricket events including the World Cup. He is currently the captain of Wanderers Cricket Club.

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