Ayebare is going to invest his cash prize in Fish business

34 year old Ismail Ayebale, an Airport Taxi driver has revealed how he now believes in the MTN MoMoNyabo promotion after winning Ugx 4,200,000 shillings.

Ayebale who has been out of business since the closure of the airport was overjoyed to learn that he had been chosen as a lucky winner.

Due to the lockdown, Ayebale became a fish vendor to support his family. He now says je will invest in is new niche after winning.

“Life has not been the same, the money I earn now is nothing compared to what I would make before the COVID pandemic,” Ayebale said as he narrated how tough the times have been for the past five months.

Ayebale noted that he had always heard about the MoMoNyabo campaign but always thought it was a hoax since he had never won.

He however confirmed in the presence of his family that having been named a lucky winner, he is now a strong believer of the MoMoNyabo Together promotion.

An excited Ayebare after receiving his cash prize via mobile money

Ayebale who lives next to Lake Victoria in Entebbe and buys fish from various fishermen chose to share the money he won with his mother Margret Nyakaisiki.

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