FUFA Competitions Director, Hajati Aisha Nalule Credit: © Kawowo Sports | DAVID ISABIRYE

The next three weeks will comprise of mouth-watering action at the FUFA Technical Center, Njeru as the League playoff dates, and the full program has been released by the Federation competitions department.

Aisha Nalule, the FUFA Competitions Director released the full schedule that entails team arrival as well as the fixtures.

Four FUFA Big League clubs and 16 regional teams will be engaged in the promotional playoffs for a total of 12 matches.

Admin Football Club team will battle Kataka

Teams start reporting at the FUFA Technical Center by Sunday, 18th October 2020.

There will be mandatory COVID-19 check-ups for all the match officials, players, and team officials before entering the camp at FUFA Technical Center, Njeru.

FUFA will provide all the meals, accommodation as well as the mandatory ambulance and other match day medical necessities.

Gadaffi team

Clubs will cost-share the COVID-19 test costs with the Federation as agreed upon in the consultative meeting held last week at FUFA.

Big League Playoffs

18th October 2020 – Arrival for Kitara, Kiboga Young, Ndejje University, Kataka

19th October 2020:

  • Kitara Vs Kataka – 10 am (Njeru)
  • Kiboga Young Vs Ndejje University – 2 pm (Njeru)

20th October 2020 – Rest Day

Final, 21st October 2020 – Kitara or Kataka Vs Kiboga Young or Ndejje University – 12 pm (Njeru)

Regional League Playoffs

22nd October 2020 – Arrival of Buwambo United, Edgars, Catda, Luweero United

  • Buganda: 23rd October 2020 – Buwambo United Vs Luweero United – 10 am (Njeru)
  • Kampala: 23rd October 2020 – Edgars Vs Catda – 2 pm (Njeru)

24th October 2020 – Rest Day

Final: Buwambo United or Luweero United Vs Edgars Vs Catda – 12 pm (Njeru)

26th October 2020 – Arrival of Gadafi, Sansiro, Admin, Team Church

  • Eastern: 27th October 2020 – Gadafi Vs Admin – 10 am (Njeru)
  • North East: 27th October 2020 – Sansiro Vs Team Church – 2 pm (Njeru)

28th October 2020 – Rest Day

Friday, 29th October 2020: Gadafi or Admin Vs Sansiro or Team Church – 12 pm (Njeru)

30th October 2020: Arrival for Asingye, Booma, Kigezi, Terrazo & Tiles

Kitara: 31st October 2020: Asingye Vs Booma – 10 am (Njeru)

Western: 31st October 2020: Terrazo & Tiles Vs Kigezi – 2 pm (Njeru)

1st November 2020: Rest Day

2nd November 2020: Asingye or Booma Vs Terrazo & Tile Vs Kigezi (12 pm) – Njeru

3rd November 2020: Arrival for Young Elephant, Calvary, Hot Springs, Northern Gateway

Northern: 4th November 2020: Young Elephant Vs Northern Gateway – 10 am (Njeru)

West Nile: 4th November 2020: Calvary Vs Hot Springs – 2 pm (Njeru)

5th November 2020: Rest Day

6th November 2020: Young Elephant or Northern Gateway Vs Calvary Vs Hot Springs

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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