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With the tough demands that were attached to the reopening of sports, the motorsport governing body FMU has since embarked on finding strategies that will guarantee a smooth resumption.

For sports activities to resume, the government tasked the federations to have all competitors involved in a specific event to be tested for COVID-19 at least 72 hours prior to each competition.

All events are to be organised without spectators.

FMU’s appointed Taskforce has advised the motorsport governing body to rethink its plans of re-starting any motorsport related competitions.

“No need to hurry the resumption. Instead have a plan that satisfies the championship under the force majeure perspective looking at what has been done elsewhere,” reads part of the excerpt from the report.

The team called on the federation to resume in phases for it to adjust well to the new normal.

Enduro and Autocross were sighted as plausible competitions for the first phase of resumption.

“Enduro events are low cost and less risky as riders basically participate without support teams and there’s no sharing equipment.

“The events would ensure that systems are put in place to manage those areas that require contact such as scrutineering and prize giving.

“The events have also been running without sponsorship and therefore their only challenge would be the requirement of testing of participants,” reads part of the Task Force report.

Ali Omar Yasser aka Bobo during Enduro (Photo: Kinthan Images)

Selecting and training a team to work on the development of organization guidelines was another recommendation from the task force.

The team also recommended that FMU should consult with stakeholders to holistically understand the situation.

The 10-man Task Force team was chaired by FMU Vice President Shemmy Ssenkatuka. The team consisted of federation technical heads, a competitor, and sponsor representatives.

Following the recommendations, the federation is now tasked to announce the final decision on the fate of the 2020 motor rally and MXchampionships.

Before the CoronaVirus pandemic, only three motorsport events; two rallies and one MX round had been organized.

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