IHK Arthroscopy Camp

Ugandan sports entities and organizations have been availed an opportunity to access free consultation and joint assessment through International Hospital Kampala’s arthroscopy camp.

The healthcare opportunity has been running since September, through October and still going on till the end of November at the hospital theater.

More services provided are geared towards treating patients with joint pains, joint swelling, inability to move the joints, cracking sounds in the joints, inability to use the joints following road traffic accidents, sports injuries and other injuries at a discounted rate.

IHK’s Arthroscopy Camp

What is Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is a keyhole procedure in which a telescope is inserted into a joint to allow the surgeon to make a thorough inspection of the joints so that a definite diagnosis can be made and two to four small “puncture” wounds are made for the camera and instruments to be inserted from different angles.

Arthroscopy improves the rapid recovery rate, lowers the risk of infection and complications, improves the visualization of the knee structure and lessens the pain and scarring after surgery.

IHK’s Arthroscopy will help the patients have a faster recovery

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