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  1. Fufa you are really ashaming us with due respect how can you fail to put that game on television

  2. How can you fail to Hummer South Sudan seriously that couch should be fired with immediate effect coz even they are playing badly, no entertainment even Tooro can defeat that national team

  3. Waoo…. that’s a fair result for a country like Uganda with a lot of tribalism, “how dare you fail to call somebody like Okello for nation league… So embarrassing fuck you fake couch

  4. That’s very good most of those Crane players played as if they were training and poor selection of players

  5. Congratulations to s Sudan. It is a matter of time and we will have a strong National team…the coach need to be vigilant of all the s Sudanese who are playing in different part of the world and try to bring them home….players like Chol Nguen who played against Barcelona last week in UEFA ,Awer Mabil and Pione Sisto in Midjiland FC are also great players…

  6. They should give these young players a chance and not every tym calling people who even had retired from crames mbu (T.M) they disappointed me when they made such an accident….coach mckinstry ur style is not enjoying to watch.

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