Peace Kabasweke swings led day one with 7-over par 79 (Credit: John Batanudde)

2020 Uganda Ladies Golf Open:

Day 1 Leader: Peace Kabasweke – 79


  • Martha Babirye – 81
  • Irene Nakalembe – 81
  • Judith Komugisha – 82
  • Evarlyn Assimwe – 83

Peace Kabasweke returned 7 – over par 79 to boss the rest of the field day one of the 2020 Uganda Ladies Golf Open at the Uganda Golf Club – Kitante in Kampala on Thursday, November 26, 2020.

The handicap 4 golfer thus took the famous day one bragging rights during the opening round of the 54 holes action that climax on Saturday.

It was a terrible day at office for many of the 26 golfers in action with wet conditions following rains on the tournament eve that continued on Thursday afternoon.

Peace Kabasweke holds her club after swinging off (Credit: John Batanudde)

The duo of defending champion Martha Babirye and Irene Nakalembe shared joint second position with an identical 9-over par 81.

Judith Komugisha and Evarlyn Assimwe scored 82 and 83 gross scores to take fourth and fifth positions respectively.

“The heavily soaked fairways slightly affected me. Going into day two, let us anticipate less rains. We tee off in the same group of handicap and play at the same pace on the course,” Babirye, the reigning champion explained.

Martha Babirye swings off at the opening tee-box (Credit: John Batanudde)

Babirye had a torrid time on holes 13 and 18 during the back 9 action.

On hole 18, she had to endure two sand bunkers as she eyed the pin on the green in the midst of the cheering gallery at the famous 19th hole.

Day two swings off as early as 8 am with the subsidiary category.

Irene Nakalembe holds club on the shoulders (Credit: John Batanudde)

The main pressure group that has leader Kabasweke, Nakalembe and Babirye tees off by 11 am.

Being the rainy season, more rains are expected to fall in and will subsequently have an effect on the performance of the golfers and scores as well.

The 2020 Open was earlier supposed to be held in September was pushed ahead because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Caddies during a ball searching mission on hole no.13 for golfer Resty Nalutaaya. The ball was missed and player penalized by a stroke (Credit: John Batanudde)
The rains set in the afternoon during the closing action (Credit: John Batanudde)
Professional Deo Akope (a starter) briefs the golfers (Credit: John Batanudde)

COVID-19 marshals were deployed to enforce the strict regulations from the Ministry of Health as well as the National Council of Sports in respect of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) to mitigate the spread of the highly contagious disease.

Regular sanitizing, hand-washing, wearing of face masks and social distancing were all emphasized at all times.

A golfer smiles besides the hand sanitizer (Credit: Edgar Hamala)

Meanwhile, the 79th Amateur open championship swings off on Wednesday, 2nd December for four different rounds.

The professionals start on 4th December before a grand prize-giving ceremony on Sunday, 6th December 2020.

Tournament Director John Kato (Credit: Edgar Hamala)

2020 Uganda Ladies Golf Open:

Day 1 Leaderboard:

  1. Peace Kabasweke – 79
  2. Martha Babirye – 81
  3. Irene Nakalembe – 81
  4. Judith Komugisha – 82
  5. Evarlyn Assimwe – 83
  6. Harriet Kitaka – 84
  7. Resty Nalutaaya – 87
  8. Mackline Nsenga – 87
  9. Julian Juliya Nampewo – 91
  10. Caroline Namutebi – 91
  11. Katty Kabenge – 91
  12. Monica Ntege Azuba – 91
  13. Diana Nambalirwa – 91
  14. Gloria Mbaguta – 92
  15. Jenina Nasimolo – 92
  16. Lillian Koowe – 93
  17. Loyce Bako – 94
  18. Prudence Nimukama – 95
  19. Getrude Acato – 97
  20. Catherine Pavic – 97
  21. Rita Akot Apell – 99
  22. Regina Namata – 100
  23. Robina Angom – 102
  24. Phoebe Chandiru – 102
  25. Rebecca Muwanguzi – 103
  26. Anne Abeja – 105
Catherine Pavic tees off (on tee box no.1. She scored 97 gross on day one Credit: Edgar Hamala)

Winners since 2007:

  • 2019: Martha Babirye (Uganda)
  • 2018: Neema Olomi (Tanzania)
  • 2017: Angel Eaton (Tanzania)
  • 2016: Flavia Namakula (Uganda)
  • 2015:  Flavia Namakula (Uganda)
  • 2014: Flavia Namakula (Uganda)
  • 2013: Angel Eaton (Tanzania)
  • 2012: Angel Eaton (Tanzania)
  • 2011: Flavia Namakula (Uganda)
  • 2010: Flavia Namakula (Uganda)
  • 2009: Jasper Kamukama (Uganda)
  • 2008: Melissa Nawa (Zambia)
  • 2007: Mary Karano (Kenya)
A golf cart maneuvers through the woods on day one of the Uganda Ladies Golf Open at Uganda Golf Club, Kitante (Credit: John Batanudde)
Jenina Nasimolo crosses the bridge at Kitante course. She scored 92 gross (Credit: John Batanudde)

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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