Halimah Nakaayi and Winnie Nanyondo

Ugandan runner Halima Nakaayi feels she would like her legacy to be one of inspiring the youth to pursue their dreams in life.

Nakaayi says no matter the challenging circumstances along the way, younger people should know there is more to life.

“I would like to inspire the youth to say no matter where you come from; if you have a dream, please fight for it. I have proved this,” she told World Athletics.

Her work has also led her to empowering women to be able to do other activities outside house chores but also support their children in sport.

“I work on trying to empower women and children. Many parents stop their children from competing in sports because they think it will be detrimental to their studying.

But I have a degree in computer science and computer technology and have proved I can balance sports with academic life.

“I also like to target younger people who have given birth and they perhaps feel like this is the end of their life.”

She added; “I want to encourage them that this is not the case. There is more to life than just cooking and being at home.

“I would like to motivate them that they can do other activities and that this is not the end of their life.”

Nakaayi will compete at the Tokyo Olympics due 23 July to 8 August this year in the Japan National Stadium, Tokyo, Japan.

Deputy Editor at Kawowo Sports. He is an aspiring Sport Psychologist.

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