Observed on March 8, International Women’s Day (IWD) is an annual celebration focusing on the movement and progress for women’s rights. It is a day dedicated to honouring women, their achievements throughout history and assessing how much more work needs to be done to achieve gender equality in fields all over.

Though there’s still a lot more to be done to achieve true gender equality in football, great strides are already being taken by organisations as within the industry around International Women’s Day to celebrate the women’s game.

And for a third year running, DIDA Sports Organisation celebrated IWD by organising a Young Leaders Football Tournament in the Eastern district of Budaka under the theme Women in Leadership.

Eight teams – Bugwere, Irabi, Nabiswa, Nabiswa I, Lyama, Lyama I, Macholi, and Nansaga – participated in this year’s tournament that the CEO of DIDA Sports Organisation Naki Kaddu termed as a success.

“This year’s Young Leaders tournament was a great success and milestone for DIDA, the Budaka community and Uganda. To be able to have new partners as SkyScout Group empower us with Live Updates and Eye Health Africa highlight the ecosystem between general health and sport is an inspiring foundation for how much more we can do as a global community towards grassroots development.

“Many thanks to SkyScout Group and Eye Health Africa and all the team at DIDA, the District, the coaches, schools and to all our future leaders who participated. We are already planning for 2022,” said Naki Kaddu, the CEO of DIDA Sports Organisation.

Selected Results

  • Bugwere 3-2 Irabi
  • Nabiswa 1-0 Lyama I
  • Lyama 2-0 Nansaga
  • Irabi 0-0 Lyama I
  • Macholi 4-0 Lyama
  • Nabiswa I 0-0 Nansaga
  • Lyama I 0-2 Bugwere
  • Nabiswa 1-0 Irabi
  • Nansaga 1-0 Macholi
  • Lyama 8-0 Nabiswa I
  • Bugwere 1-0 Macholi
  • Nabiswa 2-3 Lyama
  • Lyama I 0-2 Nabiswa I
  • Nabiswa I 0-0 Irabi
  • Lyama I 0-1 Nansaga
  • Macholi 2-3 Nabiswa

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