Local motorsport will finally resume in the country after a year on suspension due to the covid-19 pandemic.

From a successful motocross fun event last weekend at Garuga to two official post-covid events set for this weekend.

There will be Enduro competitions on Saturday in Jinja with an Autocross and 4X4 Challenge at the Zion Estate in Sisa on Sunday.

The events will officially reopen the motorsport calendar as a basis for full resumption with Covid standard operating procedures.

All participating crews have taken covid-19 tests as a requirement by the National Council of Sports.

“Having this event is a great opportunity for the federation to get to a full resumption.

“The events will be benchmark for the following events. Monitoring how best we can organise big events including all the necessary SOPs,” said Jeff Kabagambe, FMU deputy vice president in charge motor rallying.

Oscar Ntambi’s tests taken at the FMU offices in Lugogo Credit: Kinthan images

The event will run without spectators but masks and washing of hands will be mandatory at the venue.

“The strategy is to ensure that no crowds are on the venue to mix with competitors.

“A number of officials will be allocated on different points to ensure no spectators gather around.

“Temperature will be checked to everyone who will be part of the event,” he added.

Kabagambe also confirms that the federation is on the right track to full resumption.

“We are closely working with the National council of sports. We have a deadline to provide what is required, and we are on track.

“The big challenge comes on rallying since motocross is done in one place and can easily be controlled.

“But after the weekend’s events, we would have moved a step forwarded,” he said.

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