Gabriel Aredo offloads the ball

Warriors Rugby Club head coach Gabriel Aredo has said that he is focusing on the development end of the game at the club despite the fact that the club are yet to earn their first point of the season.

This was while speaking to Kawowo Sports during the post-match interviews that followed the 20-10 defeat against Jinja Hippos at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds on Friday.

“Given the nature of this season, I’m looking more at the development end of this game like set pieces. We’ll take the points when we can, but we’ll also push for the set piece plays. So that we can try to get the players to understand that set piece play is the next evolution of the game from tag rugby,” Aredo said.

Aredo, who serves as player-coach at Warriors, was sent to the bin in the fourth minute for foul language aimed at the referee. His response was part-guilty, part-furious as he expressed his displeasure with the man in the middle.

“Guilty as charged. There were a couple of calls that he (the ref) let fly by that didn’t sit right with me. As a coach (and) as a player, we put in so much time in developing these techniques we use in the game. So when the ref does not see things from your point of view… it gets you very frustrated,” Aredo opined.

As their search for the first points and the season continues, Aredo believes that improving Warriors’ efficiency will lead them to success in the coming games.

“We are going to have to work towards improving the different aspects of our game because I guess you can see how many times we visited their 5m (territory) and we made those little mistakes that kept on costing us,” he said.

Warriors’ next three opponents will be Impis (A), Heathens (A) and Rhinos (H).

Ernest Akorebirungi is an amateur rugby player and a keen follower of local Ugandan rugby.

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