Milutin 'Micho' Sredejovic Credit: © Kawowo Sports | AMINAH BABIRYE

Fufa has announced the appointment of Milutin ‘Micho’ Sredojević as Ugandan Cranes head coach.

The Serbian returns for his second stint and fans have taken social media to react to his re-appointment as Uganda Cranes head coach.

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  1. what makes Ugandan national Team fumbles at times is the regular change of the Head coaches. The changes are too frequent. Remember, it takes time for results to ensure even if you change another coach. Secondly, we should leave of unhealthy politics from the tacticle work of soccer if we (Uganda) is to get the best out of any national coaches we recruit. Otherwise, the coming back of the Micho may still be in vain.

    Dennis Ojwee (Senior), Referees’ Instructor/Assessor/Commisioner

    1. Uganda is is a poorly governed country and resources are misused.That is why it can buy cars for members of parliament at the same time beg for money to buy vaccines for its population.

  2. i Regard Micho as a local coach.To me ,he is the one eyed man among the blind!

  3. We love micho so much .but the leadership in Ugandan football and prevailing ,boiling politics…tear agas ..the wounded hearts of Ugandan players and football funs ..may make it had for him to gain the previous result.

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