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A few days ago, SC Villa closed nominations for the club presidency ahead of the August 28 polls. Of the three contenders; Dennis Mbidde, Joseph Kizito and Medard Lubega Ssegona, my choice is Ssegona.

He is a fresh face and comes with an unblemished record in Villa having not been party to any of the intrigue and fights within the club.

In other words, he comes as a neutral in a club with so many stakes and powerbrokers at play.

I have known Mbidde and worked with him for some time. He is a shrewd person who can pull off masterstrokes without good luck, sickening to listen about his theoretical arguments and his close association with Moses Magogo leaves in doubt about his ability to turn around Villa’s fortunes.

I know Magogo is going to pull strings behind the scenes to influence the voting in Mbidde’s favour but what the club needs at this juncture is to avoid another spell of infighting.

Meanwhile, Kizito comes off as a new breed of leaders but the mere fact he is still a civil servant rules him out of ever putting Villa at heart and lucking of fans mobilization skills.

Just like William Nkemba, another civil servant, has failed to dedicate his time to the club, I strongly doubt Kizito can put his job on the line for the club.

Managing a community club like Villa is not the same as that of KCCA or URA FC because a club president has to be a call away from action.

That’s why I’m impressed with the emergence of Ssegona, whose leadership credentials cannot be questioned.

He is the only candidate who will not dance to Magogo’s tune. Also, the fact that a Villa president is automatically a Fufa delegate gives me high hopes that he will challenge Magogo’s authoritarian grip on the federation. I wouldn’t expect Ssegona to be part of things like the usual passing of unpacked Fufa budgets and accountabilities.  

However, in spite of my high hopes in him, I still consider his candidacy with a pinch of salt because we have had disappointments before.

I had high hopes in former EALA speaker Daniel Kidega and former MP Moses Kasibante when they led the Fufa match-fixing commission but nothing came out of it.

Even MP Muhammad Nsereko came with a lot of pomp after acquiring Victoria University FC but started speaking in hushed tones while in Fufa. Even Bernard Atiku of Onduparaka can no longer speak of injustices in club football.

Personally, I am very much willing to work with Ssegona if he becomes Villa president and he has the clout to bring all factions to the table for the good of the club.

He would start by bring together former presidents Fred Muwema, Franco Mugabe and myself to help him run the club.

Immanuel Ben Misagga

Immanuel Ben Misagga is a former SC Villa president

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