SC Villa Vice President (in charge of fans' mobilization) Ben Immanuel Misagga Credit: © Kawowo Sports | JOHN BATANUDDE

The mantra that power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely couldn’t be any fitting for a person like Moses Magogo.

Last Saturday, he organised a procession under the guise of Fufa Assembly and assembled a team dominated by misfits as the new executive for the next four years.

This selection process that barred anyone from contesting was planned and executed by Magogo to prevent any divergent views from emerging in top football administration.

However, I am proud that most of the chairpersons in the 16-member Uganda Premier League (UPL) boycotted this mockery of an assembly.

Overall, most football people worth their salt skipped the assembly. Attending would have legitimised this sham election process; so, this was a vote of no-confidence in his leadership.

Mind you, Magogo has been Fufa president since 2013; he is an MP and chairs the ICT Committee in parliament. To show the level of greed in kicking out all opposition for the Fufa top job is a testament to how greed corrupts people.

What’s more, he is also eyeing to control SC Villa by proxy. I know he is deeply involved in the upcoming elections so that whoever wins between Dennis Mbidde and Medard Sseggona, they will have Magogo to thank.

And that is just an understatement. Magogo redesigned the club structure and amended the constitution under which the elections will be held. He openly brags about it.

For those who may not be aware, this is a guide to divert the public from his inefficiencies and imposing himself at Villa is just the latest in his power schemes.

So, whoever triumphs in Saturday’s election should come out clearly about the direction the club is going to take, especially in regards to structure and operation of the club.

The fans, many of whom have shunned attending matches and only prefer to talk about club issues on social media, are keenly hoping to open a new vibrant chapter for the club.

The ball is in the courts of Sseggona and Mbidde.

Immanuel Ben Misagga

Immanuel Ben Misagga is a former SC Villa president

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