FUFA President Moses Magogo Credit: John Batanudde

At the height of SC Villa’s renaissance four years ago, the team was dominating news on and off the pitch. Villa matches had become must-watch games due to the high level of intensity they created and it was every fan’s dream to be at Villa games.

However, the hype surrounding Villa turned the club into a polarising entity; with Fufa viewing it as a threat to its authority; while the club trustees, many of whom had gone into slumber, resurrected to take back ‘what is theirs.’

So, I was least surprised when the two forces combined to frustrate the team’s efforts that culminated in my resignation as club president. However, the downward spiral the club has endured since then has vindicated the efforts of Villa’s administration from 2014 to 2018.

Over the weekend, I read with sadness how the team’s two buses are rotting away in a scrapyard yet the club is said to be funded by the biggest spare parts dealer in the country. Thing is, that is just a symptom of the rot at the club that is orchestrated by Moses Magogo, the Fufa president.

Magogo, having rose in football circles through intrigue and greed, never wastes an opportunity when those two elements are involved. In spite of the clear conflict of interest, Magogo is still entrenched in Villa affairs to prevent a rise of a power centre and also use the club as a vehicle to sell players.

Until a few weeks ago, he had managed to manipulate the club hierarchy to accepting his clandestine plot to take over the club through proxies.

However, the intervention of courts of all pulled the plug on those plans but still; Magogo has not tired in his quest to take over the club. This has also placed him at loggerheads with the trustees that have lost trust in his promises.

At the moment, he has mobilised to have all the top youngsters in the country to join Villa in the hope of creating a dynasty he can use to sell the players while approaching their peak.

This is a two year plan and it is for this reason that he engineered the hiring of Greek tactician Petros Koukouras recently.

In two years’ time, Magogo and his handlers hope the youngsters would have matured to play for the national team.


Meanwhile, friends close to The Cranes have intimated how coach Micho is angry with the whole team set-up. What is bothering him most is the fact that most players are past their peak yet Fufa expects him to take this team to Afcon and the World Cup.

Truth of the matter is that Fufa and Magogo know all too well that this team is poor and Micho can only labour to a decent result.

In fact, with his contract expiring in two years, don’t be surprised if Magogo replaces Micho with Koukouras to complete his mission of avenging Micho’s unceremonious departure a few years ago when he accused Fufa of swindling his salary. Therefore, Micho would be exposed as a failure when The Cranes fail to qualify for the premier competitions.

The plan will also have Koukouras take over the youngsters and raise their value on the market.

Immanuel Ben Misagga is a former SC Villa president

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  1. So Micho has NO final say on the Crane’s team?
    Why then did he accept the job when he knew the team setup? Does he want to get his hands on the talented youth team players?

    I hope not. Micho should not get anywhere near the young attacking players (MFs & Forwards) because he will ruin their development with his ultra defensive mindset. Please protect the young players.

    Why doesn’t Magogo just focus on FUFA and now his constituents?
    It looks like FUFA is regressing. They by now FUFA should know how to run a successful qualification campaign and tournament. But alas, they do not seem to know how. There does NOT seem to be a clear consistent football philosophy either, well, besides hoofing the ball forward and crossing high balls into the box from the wings.

    Maybe it’s time to spruce up the admins at FUFA, first, before rejuvenating the team. iIt looks like the current admins have peaked, plateaued and stagnated.

  2. Intrigue,greed,politicss………………………….What a world of football! Musajja watu Sserunjogi.

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