Magogo and Mandela among others attended the SC VILLA CONGRESS at Kigo Credit: Courtesy

I have the honour to thank everyone working for the return of Sports Club Villa to where it belongs.

We are not just record champions and Uganda’s most successful football club but we belong to the elite clubs of Africa. This is what differentiates us from the rest of the Ugandan Football Clubs

Vipers SC and Express FC currently have stability because they have individuals financing the clubs while KCCA FC and URA FC are dependent on the institutions behind them.

The reality is these models are not sustainable as we have seen many big clubs collapse with demise or departure or loss of interest of individuals or the parent institutions. The living examples are Nalubaale FC, Villa International, Umeme, Coffee etc.

My prayer is that this does not happen soon as the strength of Sports Clubs Villa is based on the strength of the competitor Clubs and that these clubs learn from the realities that Sports Club Villa is going through.

As Sports Club Villa, we must identify our competitive advantages over other clubs. It is the rich history and the multitude of passionate fans. This is why I have since 2001 in writing been advocating for creating a true community club.

There are many successful model community clubs in the World such as Al Ahly (Egypt), Real Madrid (Spain), and Barcelona (Spain). They depend on numbers to be both the richest and most successful sporting clubs in the world

Our current effort is to install a true community football club independent of individuals but dependent on millions of members who are the fans

No one should mistake our difference in opinion of direction as fighting. We respect each other and we sometimes disagree with respect and in principle not being personal

The good news is, it was resolved that by the Sports Club Villa Congress that sat at Serena-Kigo on 23rd October 2021 that by 13th November 2021, Sports Club Villa will be having an elected Club President and an Executive Board to steer the club forward.

Personally, I am simply a voter and that willing to take leadership, it is the time to market your programmes among the VMTs.

Ba VMTs the power is in our hands to determine our leadership in the next three (3) weeks and to prove that the fans in their numbers can indeed finance and govern the club to sporting success.

God Bless Sports Club Villa.

The writer is a Villa Registered Member VMT 100, also Fufa President, MP for Budiope East and CAF Exco Member

President, Federation of Uganda Football Associations.

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