Some of the young swimmers during the relaunch of Sailfish Swim Club Kampala at Ambrosoli International School (Credit: David Isabirye)

Sprinting at 110 km/h, the sailfish species is arguably the fastest of any earth’s marine animals.

In Uganda, a swimming entity (SAILFISH SWIM CLUB KAMPALA) was named after this fish of the genus Istiophorus of billfish living in colder areas of all earth’s seas.

This club which has a motto; “Beat the Clock!” was started seven years ago in 2014 with a handful of swimmers and to date, it has 76 active members.

On Saturday, 30th October 2021, Sailfish Swim Club Kampala relaunched as they also announced their new home – Ambrosoli International School, Bugolobi in Kampala city.

The official launch of the Sailfish Swim Club Kampala at Amrbosoli International School (Credit: David Isabirye)

Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC)-cum-National Council of Sports (NCS) chairman Dr. Donald Rukare, Uganda Swimming Federation (USF) president Moses Mwase, parents and 24 of the club members graced the colorful launch.

Previously stationed at the GEMS Cambridge International School in Butabika, the club has been hibernating at Royal Suites before their latest home at Ambrosoli International School where they use a six lane 25-metre swimming pool.

During the launch, the passionate and enthusiastic young members exhibited the skills acquired and also held a non-competitive internal race that left parents mesmerized.

Joseph Kaboggoza, head coach at Sailfish Swim Club Kampala (Credit: David Isabirye)

Speaker after speaker, the programs at this club were hailed with a bold-go ahead in an endeavor to chase the dreams of representing Uganda at international events as the regional and continental champions, Common Wealth as well as the Olympics Games.

“As Uganda Swimming Federation, we are humbled to have Sailfish Swim Club Kampala to take the right direction of teaching young swimmers the basics, techniques and tactics of Swimming. We vow to accord the necessary support whatsoever.” Mwase, president of USF revealed.

Sailfish Swim Club swimmers dive into the water during an internal competition at Ambrosoli International School Swimming pool (Credit: David Isabirye)
Junior swimmers at Sailfish Swim Club Kampala at Ambrosoli International School swimming pool (Credit: David Isabirye)

Mwase’s statement was re-echoed aloud by Rukare as he appreciated the efforts undertaken by Sailfish Swim Club Kampala.

“Clubs and schools are nucleus of any sporting endeavor. The effort taken by Sailfish Swim Club cannot pass unnoticed. We are humbled that such a facility at Ambrosoli International School has also been put in place to promote the sport of swimming in the country. I thank the management of the school and the club, the parents, swimmers and the media for the collective effort untaken” Rukare noted.

Dr. Donald Rukare, UOC and NCS Chairman making his remarks during the official launch of the Sailfish Swim Club Kampala (Credit: David Isabirye)

In his address, head of coaches at Sailfish Swim Club Kampala, Joseph Kabogozza emphasized the mission and vision of this club.

“At Sailfish Swim Club, we train and coach swimmers to seek development in all the competitive strokes and events recognized worldwide. We are now at Ambrosoli International School because our old home at GEMS closed business because of COVID-19. We are ready to prepare the swimmers for the national championship due next month and the CANA-Zone IV event due in December 2021” Kabogozza remarked.

Dr. Donald Rukare shares ideas with Joseph Kabogozza (Credit: David Isabirye)

Kabogozza works alongside four other coaches as the Muloopa entity of William and Sanon, Rogers Sabiiti as well as Allan Kizza to impact the skills to the youngsters whose ages vary from 6 to 16.

Team captain Gabriella Ndawula was full of praise for her club, the coaches, fellow swimming mates and the parents for all the support accorded.

Gabriella Ndawula, the team captain at Sailfish Swim Club Kampala (Credit: David Isabirye)

“I joined Sailfish Swim Club Kampala as a five-year-old. I have grown with this club that has taught me the ABC of the swimming sport and competitive swimming. I thank my fellow swimmers, coaches, the parents and everyone who has helped us perform well. We are ready to learn and practice more as we become more acquitted to the sport in a bid to get ready for competitions” Ndawula disclosed.

Some of the parents watching the children at Sailfish Swim Club, Kampala practice (Credit: David Isabirye)

The parents’ representative Ruth Nuwagaba lauded the management of Ambrosoli International school Bugolobi for the offer to accommodate Sailfish Swim Club Kampala.

Nuwagaba also appreciated fellow parents for supporting their children as well as the coaches who spend a lion’s share of the hours with the kids in the water to perfect new skills time to time.

“I want to thank my fellow parents, the coaches, the management of Ambrosoli International School for all the support. We have grown with Sailfish Swim Club Kampala over the years and continue to make it better and better” Nuwagaba remarked.

Ruth Nuwagaba, a parent at Sailfish Swim Club (Credit: David Isabirye)
Miss Emma Norris, the head teacher at Ambrosoli International School (Credit: David Isabirye)

Ambrosoli International School head teacher Emma Norris expressed delight upon having Sailfish Swim Club.

“Ambrosoli International School is excited to have you here. We are humbled to partner with Sailfish Swim Club and look upon a solid working partnership over the years” Norris noted.

Sailfish Swim Club is gearing up for the national swimming championships slated for 26th to 28th November 2021 in one of the post COVID-19 events in Uganda’s acquatic family before the close of the calendar year.

The six lane 25-metre Ambrosoli International School Swimming pool (Credit: David Isabirye)
SailFish Swim Club tear drop (Credit: David Isabirye)

More About Sailfish Swim Club Kampala:

Sailfish swim Club was created to provide long term growth and development of the athlete as a person, not only as a swimmer. The club is dedicated to equal opportunity for all swimmers to develop strong personal characteristics, such as an appreciation for the values of hard work, teamwork sportsmanship and excellence.


To create an environment where individuals of all ages and abilities are given an equal opportunity to maximize full potential and reach personal excellence in the sport of swimming, through the provision of an excellent program and a safe, supportive and positive environment.


To develop and maintain a program that will inspire excellence and produce elite swimmers, who will represent SAILFISH and the nation at large in all levels of swimming competition.


To promote, foster, and encourage swimming and associated aquatic sports while sharing our passion for swimming.


Beat the Clock! 


Coaching is much more of a life process and a “people process” than an athletic process. The mission is to be more than a coach, but rather a partner with swimmers on their athletic journey, creating a culture where kids love to swim. They look forward to practices and meets as times when they will have fun. “The joy of swimming will last a lifetime.”

Coaches’ objective
SailFish Swim Club coach William Muloopa issues instructions to the young swimmers (Credit: David Isabirye)

Aim & Objectives

  • To encourage the development of swimming in the region. It should be noted that the club is not limited to only GEMS Cambridge International School students, it is open to anyone who meets the required standards.
  • To provide excellence in professional coaching and programs to develop individuals to the best of their abilities to compete at the highest possible levels.
  • To encourage excellence in swimming at all standards by participating in a number of swim meets at different levels and annually hosting our own Open Meet, open to swim clubs from all over the country/region.
  • To instill the self-discipline, goal-oriented behavior, teamwork and efficient time management required to excel in competitive swimming.
  • To make swimming fun for all team members – from novice beginners to top level competitors.
  • To build a community of families that supports the club and one another’s efforts.
  • To offer recreationally interested swimmers the opportunity to develop their swimming ability.
A junior swimmer dives to the Ambrosoli International School Swimming pool during the relaunch on Saturday, 30th October 2021 (Credit: David Isabirye)

Core Values

  • Pursuit of Excellence: Excelling in swimming is all about beating (improving) your Personal Best Time.
  • Sportsmanship: Treating others the way you want to be treated
  • Team spirit: Showing commitment, support and teamwork, volunteerism and encouraging fellow teammates in the lanes and at swim meets.
  • Hard work: Putting in extra effort to achieve the desired goals and reaching the greatest potential. No one ever got stronger by working less.
Aman Ladaka, a member of Sailfish Swim Club Kampala (Credit: David Isabirye)
A Sailfish Swim Club member quenches her thirst after a practice round (Credit: David Isabirye)
A parent, Joanitar Kabogoza at Sailfish Swim Club Kampala during the launch at Ambrosoli International School (Credit: David Isabirye)

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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