Dinesh Nakrani and Deus Muhumuza at the 2021 Africa T20 Finals

There is a very thin line between success and failure in associate cricket that every game any team takes part in has a lot of things on the line.

For some players, it could be the last time they ever get to play for their countries because they aren’t sure when the next international event will come around, and for others it could mean the start of a very long fruitful time.

The Eagles of Namibia were a darling for many at the T20 World Cup but their journey to the World Cup started with them winning the Africa T20 finals that were held in Kampala in 2019, the hosts Uganda finished 4th in that particular tournament.

That is how long the journey is for associates to get a chance to play at the grand stage.

The final Day of the Africa T20 finals in Kigali is serving up the same opportunity for three different sides, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania all have a chance of making it to the global qualifiers if everything goes their way on the final day.

Kenya currently on top of the table to a better net run rate are tied on the same number of points as second-placed Uganda while Tanzania is a distant third two points behind the other two but are not totally out of it.

Uganda will take on Tanzania in the morning at the iconic Gahanga Cricket Stadium and only a win will ensure that the afternoon game against Kenya is the dream game for both sides.

If Ugandan and Kenya both win their early morning games they will come into the afternoon game on the same number of points and only a win will separate the two.

Uganda was fortunate that Tanzania beat Kenya on the 1st day after the latter had defeated them by a single run in the 1st game of the tournament.

Uganda came back well on Day 2 picking up a win against Tanzania and Nigeria to make sure they stay in touch with Kenya who are the favorites in the tournament.

Uganda will need to make sure they bring their A-game in order to make sure they overcome Tanzania in the morning before they even think about the Kenyans.

Deus Muhumuza, Ronak Patel, and Simon Ssesazi have scored half-centuries and will need to continue with that good form tomorrow, only Saud Islam has not been as fluid as he was in the qualifiers but he is a classy player.

Dinesh Nakrani loves batting in Rwanda, together with Riazat Ali Shah they might be the difference for Uganda tomorrow.

There are runs throughout the whole team Frank Akankwasa, Brian Masaba and Fred Achelam are all capable with the bat in case they are required to step up.

The cricket cranes will need to tighten up their bowling especially since they are playing on relatively small ground.

Brian Masaba bowling at the 2021 Africa T20 Finals

Bad bowling is punished at the Gahanga therefore you cannot afford to miss your lengths.

Frank Nsubuga struggled at the Gahanga against Tanzania but once he slowed down the balls he was able to cause some trouble for the batters.

Dinesh Nakrani, Riazat Ali Shah and Bilal Hassan are the pace bowling options and they will need to be very mean with their lengths.

A defining day for the Cricket Cranes but one they have prepared well for, the journey has not been easy to get this far but the improvements in the side especially since Coach Laurance Mahatlane took over have been enormous.

We pray that the cricket gods will be with the Cricket Cranes.

Denis has represented Uganda in international cricket events including the World Cup. He is currently the captain of Wanderers Cricket Club.

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