Yasin Nasser and Ali Katumba are in South Africa for the African Rally Championship season finale due this weekend.

The championship was already decided with Carl Tundo becoming the African champion.

However, the Moil Rally crew considered participation in the finale with the aim of gaining more experience for future competition.

Yasin Nasser and Ali Katumba in South Africa

The crew are champions in waiting for the Africa rally champions in Group N category. 

“It is obvious we didn’t come to get honors in this event other than taking home some experience and also have some fun in a totally new event. 

“Coming to SA is like a day out for the whole crew.  We won’t be doing things under pressure but only to enjoy and shake off the long season.

The team’s participation in South Africa will be their fifth ARC event this year.

Recconnaise was a thrilling event for the crew.

“The stages are much different from what we have gone through this year. Very tricky, fast and seem enjoyable.

“And now with fog everywhere and rain, I don’t know what more to expect especially when we have to go through the forests.

“What I know we are going to have a lot of fun as we gauge ourselves with some much experienced drivers from here,” said Yasin.

Nasser and Katumba are the third Ugandan licensed crew to take part in the ARC round in South Africa after Emma Katto and the late Charles Muhangi.

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