Onduparaka will host their games at Green Light stadium, Arua [Photo: John Batanudde]

Contrary to article 10 of the Fufa Competitions Rules about Hooliganism, section (b), the FA Disciplinary Panel has ordered for a replay of the abandoned game between Onduparaka and KCCA.

The fixture played on December 27 didn’t end as the home fans protested a late penalty given to KCCA forcing the match to pre-maturely end at 2-2.

Section (b) of the article about Hooliganism states that;

“If during a game as defined by the FCR, that acts of hooliganism and violence cause the abandonment of a match, the defaulting club if found liable by the CDP or Fufa Judicial Body will lose the match by forfeiture. For a league competition, the defaulting club will further lose three (3) points and three (3) goals from those already accumulated while for a knock out format, the defaulting club will be eliminated and any other disciplinary sanction deemed by the Judicial Body or CDP.”

However, despite admitting that Onduparaka violated the Fufa Competitions rules and regulations, Fufa’s ruling stated otherwise.

“Whereas the Competitions Rules and Regulations provide for a deduction of three (3) points and three (3) goals for the intense hooliganism and violence, Onduparaka FC is hereby sanctioned with; an immediate deduction of two (2) points and two (2) goals from those already accumulated by the club; a suspended one (1) point and one (1) goal deduction and; a suspended closed stadium sanction for home games.

The CDP hereby orders a REPLAY of Match # 101 between Onduparaka FC vs KCCA FC which shall enable the results of the match to be determined sportingly.

The FA however revealed the replay will be played at a neutral venue and to cover expenses, each club will be given Ug. 2.5 million shilling.

“The above replay shall be at a neutral venue already licensed for the Uganda Premier League matches. The venue and date of the replay shall be decided and communicated by the Uganda Premier League Secretariat.

“Onduparaka FC remains with the responsibility of the match day organisation of the replay ordered in par (3) above as the Home Team

“FUFA shall give a contribution of UGX 2,500,000 (Uganda shillings Two million Five Hundred Thousand) to each club and shall forward the said monies to the respective club accounts for that purpose.”

Onduparaka stays 13th on the table but with 10 points after 12 games while KCCA are second with 28 points from a dozen games.

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