The 2022 National Motocross Championship got off to an exciting start at the Victoria Raceway Track in Garuga on Sunday.

Over 40 riders showed up for the season opener as they sought to ignite their championship battles.

MX65 provided the most competitive highlights.

However, it was a family affair as the Katende brothers Miguel and Jonathan showed early intent on what will be a hotly contested battle. Miguel, however, came out stronger sweeping all heats followed by his young brother Jonathan. Zion Wekesa would finish third.

In MX50, Filbert Muwonge picked from where he left last season to take control of the class. Even a mishap in heat three couldn’t deny him the class victory with 55 points. His close competitor Jamairah Makumbi finished second with Ethan Blick in third.

Abigail Katende swept all heats to lead the MX50 Pee class. Esther Namukwaya and Abigail Muwanguzi finished in second and third respectively.

Jerome Mubiru proved his on a mission for a season title as he cleaned all the three heats in MX85. Mubarak Senoga was second followed by Ron Young.

In MX1, Alestair Blick spiced up the competition giving a head start to the class riders. That left fans in a buzz as he chased on to win all heats and win the category. Abdul Damba finished second followed by Mustafa Semambo.

Just like his son, Arthur Blick Jr traded on giving a head start in the MX Vets. Blick claimed victory followed by Christian Milletti and Pim De Pooter in third.

Still in the veteran category, Rose Deedan Tulinawe, a mother of two riders (Faith Angel Deedan and Aine Faith Deedan) made the highlight as she kicked off a journey as a motocross rider. She would finish fourth overall in the category.

The next round of Motocross is scheduled for 6th March.

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