Paint guru Kansai Plascon has continued its praiseworthy surge in sports investment with Netball the latest beneficiary.

Plascon has announced a sponsorship package worth seventy million shillings to aid in the She Cranes’ preparation for the Commonwealth Games and other activities this year.

Plascon Managing Director Santosh Gumte noted that, unlike other sponsorships, the partnership with Netball is a platform to specifically empower women in sports.

“We cannot discuss gender equality without it being extended to sports and given as much attention, especially in terms of allocation of funds,” said Gumte.

“We understand that there are other aspects that need to fall in place such as structures to ensure a consistent conveyor belt of talent coming through and breaking social barriers that may still be reluctant to embrace the girl child taking on a career in sports, but we must start somewhere.

Santosh Gumte, Kansai Plascon Uganda MD, speaking at the presser

“This is still a small token, but we purpose to increase on this next year when renewing our commitment with the federation. We believe with more consistent investment in women sports, we shall augment the government efforts to uplift and promote gender equality in this country.”

Uganda Netball Federation, currently preparing for a nationwide tour, will receive UGX50M in cash while the remainder will be invested in marketing and branding the sport to extend both its appeal and reach with the goal of attracting other corporate sponsors. 

Sarah Babirye Kityo, Uganda Netball Federation president, speaking at the presser

Netball Federation President, Sarah Babirye Kityo, noted that gender equality is a major development indicator in any country today but also acknowledged that women everywhere, specifically in sports, need to stand up to be counted.

“We are all familiar with the adage that; ‘He that educates a woman educates a village’. That saying rings true in sports as well. The skills imparted are not limited to sports, they are in fact life lessons. Virtues like teamwork, endurance, focus, consistence, and overcoming adversity should be in every person’s survival kit no matter what they are involved in.

“So, when these skills are taught to our girls, the far-reaching impact is immeasurable. It is beyond sports. Therefore, the impact of Plascon’s investment cannot be overstated. We pledge to always beat the odds and set higher goals for ourselves to aspire to,” said Babirye.

Kansai Plascon’s commitment to sports in the country has seen them announce partnerships with Cricket Cranes, Arua Hill, Uganda Cup, and Vipers Sports Club.

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