Florence Seera ready to serve the ball (Credit: David Isabirye)

On 1st May 2022, Uganda’s female Table Tennis seed three Florence Seera celebrated her 25th birth-day.

For three thirds of these years, Table Tennis has been the staple diet for Seera.

Best known as “Seerater”, Seera has virtually lived, thought, ate and in-haled and exhaled Table Tennis.

Way back at Maluku primary school in Mbale till to-date when she has just completed her Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and Management, Seera’s life has been purely Table Tennis with free full education bursaries schemes.

It is upon this firm background that she praises the game to the brim.

Table Tennis is life” she sighs. “Without this game, I do not know what I would be. I give thanks to Table Tennis. I have been on a free education scheme since primary until university. I have met several people, traveled countries, won trophies and earned money from Table Tennis.

Florence Seera, Female Table Tennis seed three

Seera is among the four female players who will represent Uganda at the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Teenagers Jemimah Nakawala and Parvin Nangonzi as well as fellow Mbale Tigers and UCU teammate Rita Nakhumitsa are the other three.

Rita Nakhumitsa (left) against Florence Seera during the Commonwealth qualifiers at Lugogo. Nakhumitsa won 3-1 (Credit: David Isabirye)

Dream come true:

Seera’s life dream among others was to represent Uganda at international games as the Commonwealth, a feat that came to pass as she qualified for the games.

“I am humbled having qualified for the Commonwealth. This had always been my child dream after representing the country at the World Youth Olympics in China” she remarks.


Seera is the sixth born in the family of nine to Dison Wanzala and Jesica Lubango of Mbale city in Eastern Uganda.

She was born on 1st May 1997. Her Table Tennis debut arrived way back during primary school at Maluku primary school following the inspiration from Jude Mutete, her current coach.

After primary school, she was admitted at Manafwa High School for O-Level.

She had to repeat the S4 class at Mbale Progressive before Table Tennis kings Mbogo High School signed her up for A-Level.

Recently, she completed her degree education at UCU Mukono Campus where she awaits graduation in Public Administration & Management.

A member of Mbale Tigers Table Tennis Club, Seera is a strong right handed player whose forehand is the best stroke.

Florence Seera against Jemima Nakawaala. Seera won 3-2 (Credit: David Isabirye)

Best Games ever played:

The recent Commonwealth qualifiers held at the MTN Indoor Arena in Lugogo, Kampala ranks among the best games ever played in her career.

The matches against Jemima Nakawaala (won 3-2) and Parvin Nangonzi (won 3-0) stand out aloft.

“I was very focused prior to the Commonwealth games qualifiers. When the games came eventually, I gave in my best to win. The matches against Nakawaala and Nangonzi (both victorious) will remain part of my life forever” she acknowledges.

Hana Goda in action. She is the role model for Florence Seera

Seera’s international role model is Egyptian 14 year old international Hana Goda, the current national champion and female seed one.

She has participated in number of domestic and international tournaments as Mbale Open, Uganda Open, Jinja Open, NSSF Open, Youth Olympic Games, Botswana (2014), Youth Olympic Games, China (2014) and the latest 2022 East Africa Table Tennis championship in Ethiopia.

Florence Seera on the Table Tennis table ready to serve the ball

All that said and done; the million dollar question looms; without Table Tennis, where could Florence Seera have ventured?

Detailed Profile:

  • Full Names: Florence Seera
  • Parents: Dison Wanzala and Jesica Lubango
  • Place of Birth: Mbale, Eastern Uganda
  • Date of Birth: 1st May 1997
  • Nick-name: Serrater
  • Table Tennis Debut:
  • Club: Mbale Tigers Table Tennis Club
  • Strong Hand: Right
  • Best Stroke: Fore Hand
  • Education: Maluku Primary School, Manafwa High School (O-Level), Mbale Progressive (S.4), Mbogo High (A-Level), UCU Mukono Campus (Completed the Degree of Public Administration & Management)
  • Best Games ever played: Commonwealth qualifiers against Jemima Nakawaala (won 3-2) and Parvin Nangonzi (won 3-0)
  • Role Models: Jude Mutete & Hana Goda (Egypt current female seed 1)
  • Tournaments played: Mbale Open, Uganda Open, Jinja Open, NSSF Open, Youth Olympic Games, Botswana (2014), Youth Olympic Games, China (2014), Africa Table Tennis Championship (2021, Cameroon), East Africa Table Tennis Championship (2022, Ethiopia)

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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