Entebbe Volleyball Club launch at Flight Motel, Entebbe (Credit: Moses Sentamu)

The community within the confines of the Lake Victoria peninsular town of Entebbe is much focused on rejuvenating the once vibrant sports sub-sector.

Across the divide in all the sports disciplines ranging from golf, tennis, cricket, basketball, table tennis, football, athletics, netball, volleyball, badminton to swimming, these games are much alive within the municipality.

All that is needed are the right facilities, proper structures and leadership, affluent competitions as well as the necessary funding to keep these games vibrant and growing.

It is upon this rich background that volleyball enthusiasts within the Entebbe community have worked tooth and nail to rejuvenate the once sound Entebbe volleyball club, based in Kitoro town.

Entebbe Volleyball Club launch at Flight Motel, Entebbe (Credit: Moses Sentamu)

This is purely a community based entity with objectives basing on all-inclusive approach.

The official launch was held recently at Flight Motel in Entebbe by the president Joseph Luganda.

Luganda acknowledges that Entebbe happens to be a big and cooperate community has never been recognized for many years as a club and as people who can play volleyball.

Entebbe Volleyball club is looking forward to implore the communities and families within Entebbe Municipality and the surrounding areas to encourage their children to be part of the journey basing on their objectives of creating avenues that will bring on board other sports center with volleyball holding primary vision. It has been noted that some schools are not put much emphasis on sports due to COVID-19 pandemic and children which may affect them in as far as sporting talents is concerned

Joseph Luganda, Entebbe Volleyball Club President
One of the jerseys to be used by Entebbe Volleyball Club being displayed (Credit: Moses Sentamu)

As a community-based club, Entebbe Volleyball club is using an all-inclusive approach, by involving communities to be leaders of the mighty club.

Eric Opio, the manager Entebbe volleyball club boldly notes that they are facing a number of challenges being a new club.

Opio is quick to add that they are trying to engage all stakeholders to address the encumbrances that also entail the financial issues.

The club is fully registered with the Uganda Volleyball Federation (UVF) and currently laying strategies for a competitive upcoming season.

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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