Credit: Innocent Mutaawe

It has been an upward rollercoaster for Byron Rugomoka since acquiring a Mitsubishi EVoX this season. 

Byron struck a surprise performance on his debut in the car landing his best career finish; a fourth position overall in the Pearl of Africa rally in May. He would later register a fifth position in Fort Portal rally last month. 

Byron Rugomoka Credit: Innocent Mutaawe

He is now optimistic he will register another good result as he gives his car a third drive in the fifth round of the national rally championship in Masaka this weekend.

Byron heads to Masaka sitting fifth on the NRC leaderboard with only two events to his name this season. 

“This car has made the best rally moments for me so far. This is exactly what I needed for competition. I am very happy with the performance and enjoying racing like never before,” he said. 

“Many people thought the car will not perform because of its recent bad performances this year characterised with only DNFs. But guess I proved them wrong and the car is much alive and fighting,” he said.

Credit: Innocent Mutaawe

Ahead of the weekend’s race in Masaka, Byron hopes to continue with the performance trend. 

“I have not so far had issues transiting from the EvoIX to X. I didn’t have any problem during my first event. That is because I believe I am naturally a skilled driver. 

“Have learnt so many things in the two events, fixed the car to fit my liking and the feeling is so good. We are definitely looking forward to continue posting good pace in Masaka and get a top finish once again,” said Rugomoka. 

Credit: Innocent Mutaawe

Rugomoka also has his sights on a top finish overall at the end of the season. 

“The last two events have placed me well to contend for a top finish at the end of the season. With a good performance we can be assured of maximum points and fall into title contention. 

“Our performance in Masaka will give us a clear picture ahead of the season. We just pray the car behaves and all goes according to our plans,” he asserted. 

Byron Rugomoka started rallying in 2016 in a Nissan PA 10 and later jumped into the Mitsubishi EvoIX before securing the Evo X. 

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