Kassim "The Dream" Ouma (left) with the fight promoter Steven Sembuya Magulu | Credit: Xynthiaroy


During the official weigh-in event, Kassim "The Dream" Ouma weighed 72.5 Kg to Rayton "Boom-Boom" Okwiri’s 71.9 Kg. Okwiri held Ouma by the neck as he vowed to crush him before his team members refrained him.

Rumble in Kampala:

  • Boxing Day: 26th December 2022
  • Main Fight: Kassim “The Dream” Ouma Vs Rayton “Boom-Boom” Okwiri (10 Rounds)
  • At Lugogo Cricket Oval, Kampala
  • Ticket Fees: 20,000/= (Ordinary), VIP (50,000/=), VVIP (1,000,000/=), Ring Side (2,000,000/=)

Official weigh-in events prior to boxing bouts are envisaged as platforms to prepare the athletes for the fights coming up.

Besides ascertaining the true weight categories where the fighters affiliate to, such events are used by the fighters to beef up mentally prior to the fights proper.

The long-awaited Rumble in Kampala main fight between Kassim “The Dream” Ouma and Kenya’s Rayton “Boom-Boom” Okwiri is just hours away.

For starters, this fight will take place on Boxing Day (26th December 2022) at Lugogo Cricket Oval, Kampala city.

Officials take a keen look at the weighing scale as Kassim Ouma weighs-in at Fair Way Hotel in Kampala

During the official weigh-in event at Fairway Hotel in Kampala city, Ouma weighed 72.5 Kg to Okwiri’s 71.9 Kg.

Okwiri held Ouma by the neck as he vowed to crush him before his team members refrained him.

“I am here for business. I will beat him up” Okwiri vowed.

Ouma responded in Swahili dialect; “I want to crush you. My fans are yearning for the best” Ouma answered back.

Kenyan fighter Rayton “Boom-Boom” Okwiri during the press conference at Fairway Hotel in Kampala on Christmas Day | Credit: Xynthiaroy

Ouma is currently based in Germany where he has been pitching camp for two years now since relocating from the United States of America (USA).

The former IBF Junior Middle weight World Champion will take on the two time Kenyan Olympian in a 10 round middle weight contest.

Ouma has played as many as 47 fights. Of these, he has won 29 bouts (18 by knockout and 11 by decision), 16 losses (4 by knock outs and 12 by decision) and one draw.

This will be his first ever professional fight in Uganda and the second on the African continent after the bout against Adam Katumwa that was held in Okapi Hotel, Kigali – Rwanda.

His opponent Rayton Okwiri from Kenya has fought 6 times with 5 wins (4 knock-outs and 1 by decision), with one draw.

He won over four Tanzanians Hussein Itaba, Pascal Kimaru, Salehe Mkalekwa and Daudi Imano Kawalya as well as over country mate Patrick Amote.

The draw was against American Aleem Moshea on 19th October 2017 at May Flower Hotel, Washington D.C.

There are fourteen different fights that will be played on Boxing Day (26th December 2022), Lugogo Cricket Oval during a boxing bonanza dubbed “Rumble in Kampala”.

Yusuf Babu appends his signature on the binding documentations | Credit: Xynthiaroy

Co-main Fight:

The co-main fight will be in the heavy weight category between Uganda’s Yusuf Babu and Tanzanian Alphonce Muchumiatumbo for 8 rounds.

Regional Title:

Olympian David “De Animal” Ssemujju will face off with Tanzania’s Salehe Mkalekwa in the super-welter weight for the regional title that will last 12 rounds.

National Titles:

In the Light-Welter weight category, Isaac “Spartaa” Ssebuufu takes on Mubarak “Senor” Sseguya for 10 rounds.

The other light-welter bouts will witness Farahat “King Falat” Manirola against Jamilu “Mr Pantsman” Kayiwa for 8 rounds and Swalik “Tyson” Kisitu against Richard Ndifuna (8 rounds).

Kamada “Sure-Fire” Ntege shall square up against Medi “Cobra” Bukenya in Super-Middle (10 rounds).

Other undercards:

Henry “Stopper” Kasujja, making his third professional fight will face off the veteran fighter Robert “Ring Doctor” Kamya in Super Welter (8 rounds).

There will be three light heavy fights, all lasting for 8 rounds each.

Hamza “Champion” Latigo will play Taafu “Tough” Odoyi, Saulo “Mr Bad Intentions” Male against Saidi Chako and Abdul “Breaker-Breaker” Njego plays Jamada Wangobola.

Meanwhile, Umar Badru “Faza Lee” Nyombi shall take on Yasin Kakungulu (4 Rounds) in the Cruiserweight category.

For the Bantamweight, Rogers “Bantam” Kamulegeya squares up against Isma “Afaba” Ssekitto (8 rounds) as Conrad “King Kong” Sseruyange will take on Ali “Messiah” Mirembe in Super Feather weight category (six rounds).

The figh promoter Stephen Sembuya Magulu | Credit: Xynthiaroy

The promoter of Rumble in Kampala is Stephen Sembuya Magulu under the 12 Rounds Sports Promotion.

The match maker Ali Faisal Ashinda.

“We have organized the best match-ups and the bouts will be interesting. We encourage all the boxing fanatics to turn up on Boxing Day at the Lugogo Cricket Oval in Kampala for these fights that will be climaxed by Kassim Ouma against Rayton Okwiri fight. We promised the best organization on the day” Ashinda reveals.

Uganda Professional Boxing Commission (UPBC) has commissioned all the fights.


The main organizers are 12 Rounds Sports Promotions, Yuvraj Tvs, Uhuru Restaurant, African Chocolate Company, Visage Salon, Bukedde TV 1

Catalogue of All Fights:

Main Fight:

  • Super Middle: Kassim “The Dream” Ouma (Uganda) Vs Rayton “Boom-Boom” Okwiri (Kenya) – 10 Rounds

Co-main Fight:

  • Heavy Weight: Yusuf Babu (Uganda) Vs Alphonce Muchumiatumbo (Tanzania) – 8 Round

Regional Title:

  • Super-welter weight: David “De Animal” Ssemujju (Uganda) Vs Salehe Mkalekwa (Tanzania) – 12 Rounds

National Titles:

  • Light-Welter: Isaac “Sparta” Ssebuufu Vs Mubarak “Sensor” Sseguya – 10 Rounds
  • Super-Middle: Kamada “Sure-Fire” Ntege Vs Medi “Cobra” Bukenya – 10 Rounds

Other Undercards:

  • Super Welter: Henry “Stopper” Kasujja Vs Robert “Ring Doctor” Kamya – 8 Rounds
  • Light Heavy: Hamza “Champion” Latigo Vs Taafu “Tough” Odoyi – 8 Rounds
  • Light Heavy: Saulo “Mr Bad Intentions” Male Vs Saidi Chako – 8 Rounds
  • Light welter: Swalik “Tyson” Kisitu Vs Richard Ndifuna – 8 Rounds
  • Light Heavy: Abdul “Breaker-Breaker” Njego Vs Jamada Wangobola – 8 Rounds
  • Cruiserweight: Umar Badru “Faza Lee” Nyombi Vs Yasin Kakungulu – 4 Rounds
  • Bantamweight: Rogers “Bantam” Kamulegeya Vs Isma “Afaba” Ssekitto – 8 Rounds
  • Super Feather: Conrad “King Kong” Sseruyange Vs Ali “Messiah” Mirembe – 6 Rounds
  • Light welter: Farahat “King Falat” Manirola Vs Jamilu “Mr Pantsman” Kayiwa – 8 Rounds

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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