The two-day North Edition of the BatBall Open was played over the weekend at St. Joseph’s College Layibi.

The open was played in a ten overs a side format by the young cricketing talent in northern Uganda that saw Cricket Without Boundaries and MCC Foundation partner with Uganda Cricket Association.

The event kicked off with five games on Saturday and four games, including the final, the following day that saw Agak edge Okwik by 9 wickets to win the inaugural BatBall Open North Edition.

The tournament comes at a point when the region is transforming from softball to hardball, a process that has been started in some of the northern districts so far. Currently, the country is preparing for the U19 ICC Cricket World Cup qualifiers and these players could be potential players to represent the nation.

“I will continue to welcome the cricket game at St. Joseph’s College Layibi and encourage the players to participate in every competition that benefits them,” said the assistant Head Teacher of St. Joseph’s College Layibi.

The tournament was headlined by players who were mostly under the age of 15 and still attending Primary School education, and the talent exhibited shows how the region is athletic in nature.

The best 16 players from the Batball Open North Edition will represent the region at the upcoming Batball X which will have respective regional best players compete in a much-contested ten overs a side.

“As we continue to carve pathways for the young talent to take off in Uganda, these are some of the programs that will continue to go on in every region as we work with the governing cricket body in Uganda, regional and any partner that wishes cricket to grow and become a professional game in the country,” COO, Batball, Martin Ondeko mentioned.

There is a lot in stock for these little ones, as Batball Open North Edition will be a tournament that will go on to happen every year.

The focus now shifts to Batball Open Central Edition in the coming days which will see a number of cricket talent in the Central region of Uganda take part in the fourth regional tournament and the same format of ten overs a side.

Individual winners

  • Best Fielder – Okot Kofi Anon (Ocwak)
  • Best Wicketkeeper – Brian Owanchgio (Agak)
  • Best Bowler – Bua Daniel (Okwik)
  • Best Batter – Ocitti Santos (Ocwak)
  • Player of the Tournament – Rubangakene Daniel Alex (Agak)

Day 1 Results

  • Agak won by 7 wickets against Tula
  • Okwik won by 24 runs against Ocwak
  • Agak won by 10 wickets against Ocwak
  • Tula won by 2 runs against Okwik
  • Agak won by 9 wickets against Okwik

Day 2 Results

  • Ocwak won by 14 runs against Tula
  • Ocwak won by 9 runs over Tula (4th and 3rd playoff)
  • Okwik won by 6 runs against Ocwak(2nd and 3rd playoffs)
  • Agak won by 9 wickets against Okwik (Final)

Just like other regions, Batball continues to spread the gospel of cricket is simple, fun and an inclusive game and off the pitch, Batball Open North Edition was intended to create awareness for the increasing number of gender based violence in Gulu and most parts of northern Uganda.

Denis has represented Uganda in international cricket events including the World Cup. He is currently the captain of Wanderers Cricket Club.

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