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  • Kyambogo 1-0 Muni

As the game between Kyambogogo University and Muni University came to a close, turmoil, protests, and an exchange of heated words marred the day.

On Thursday, Kyambogo registered a hard-fought but hugely contested 1-0 victory over Muni in the University Football League.

Hudson Mbalile was at the end of Mark Opio’s low cross in the 80th minute, and the forward calmly finished to send the home crowd wild, while the visitors erupted in protest.

Muni University’s fans, players, and coaches argued that Mbalile was offside and that some Kyambogo fans were on the field of play, requiring the centre referee to halt play.

The game came to a halt at that moment because neither party could readily agree with the other; the centre referee attempted to bring the situation to order by issuing some yellow cards, but this aroused even greater rage.

Muni University players assaulted the referee, prompting the Police to intervene. As the officials continued to talk, the uniformed personnel emptied the pitch of any fans.

The game continued in a tense atmosphere after extended conversations with tournament officials with both teams and at full time, the hosts walked away with maximum calls.

Christopher Lobbo, Kyambogo’s coach made two significant changes, bringing in Mbalire and custodian Charles Odong, both of whom had previously played against Makerere University.

Kyambogo struggled on offense and lacked team cohesiveness, as it did in the loss against Makerere.

Muni had the majority of possession thanks to the combination of Francis Agenonga and Abdul Wahab Muhamad in the middle park, but they were unlucky not to convert any of their chances.

Kyambogo now has three points in two games, while Muni is stuck at one point.

Following the final whistle, Muni coach Ronnie Atiku stated that the best team had lost and that this would be proven in the return leg.

“According to me, the best team lost. Of course, the away team was outstanding on the field of play, our boys did well only that the hosts overused the home advantage,” Atiku said.

“There is a return leg at our home. I believe in my boys that we shall finally get off the mark, there are many games ahead and we can bounce back,” he concluded.

In a fight against injured buffaloes, the tournament will resume today at Victoria University’s host YMCA on the IUIU Kabojja campus.

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