L-R: Ambrose Tashobya (Chairperson of National Council of Sports), Hon. Peter Ogwang (State Minister for sports), Umar Nazarovich Kremlev, president of the International Boxing Association (IBA) and Moses Muhangi (president of the Uganda Boxing Federation) at the VIP Lounge of Entebbe International Airport


International Boxing Federation Umar Nazarovich Kremlev traveled to the central Uganda city of Masaka (Kako), home of Uganda Boxing legend Justine “The Ugandan Destroyer” Jjuuko.

Uganda’s boxing and sports enthusiasts in general had an optical feed of a rare photo frame upon the return of Umar Nazarovich Kremlev, president of the International Boxing Association (IBA) to the East African land-locked country.

In this odd photo was Kremlev sandwiched by Hon. Peter Ogwang (State Minister for sports) and Moses Muhangi (president of the Uganda Boxing Federation); standing alongside Ambrose Tashobya (chairperson, National Council of Sports).

The ear-to-ear heartily smile from each of the four personalities in the frame communicated harmony, peace, unity, joy and prosperity for the sports sub-sector in particular boxing.

Peter Ogwang and Umar Nazarovich Kremlev at the VIP press lounge of Entebbe International Airport

Kremlev alongside his entourage traveled to the lake side Entebbe International Airport in Uganda with his personalized private jet alongside Muhangi from the horn of Africa country, Ethiopia.

“Thank you Uganda” he spoke through a female interpreter at the Entebbe International VIP press lounge.

“The people of Uganda are very good (best) and the Government. Thank you for developing boxing in Uganda. We want to help children in the development of boxing from the grassroots and the entire program. Thank you Uganda” Kremlev noted.

Hon Peter Ogwang_State minister for Sports addressing the media at Entebbe International Airport VIP Lounge

State Minister for Sports Hon. Ogwang warmly welcomed the IBA president to Uganda, christened as the “Pearl of Africa”.

“I want to welcome the president of the International Boxing Federation (IBF). He has come to support the projects of young children in boxing. Coming here is a very big achievement. We shall give him maximum support and we urge him to return soon.” Hon. Ogwang remarked.

Muhangi expressed delight upon the return of Kremlev to help in the development of boxing.

“We welcome Mr. Kremlev back to Uganda. As Uganda Boxing Federation, we are excited to work with him as he helps in the various programs to run the boxing sport in the country” Muhangi noted.

Moses Muhangi, president Uganda Boxing Federation talks to the media personalities outside the VIP Lounge at Entebbe International Airport
Umar Kremov in a closed-door meeting with Minister Ogwang, Muhangi and representative of the Uganda investment sector

There was a high profile meeting at Entebbe International Airport between Kremlev with the minister and officials from the Uganda investment cluster.

Kremlev traveled to the central Uganda city of Masaka (Kako), home of Uganda Boxing legend Justine “The Ugandan Destroyer” Jjuuko.

In Masaka, Kremlev made a humble donation for an assortment of boxing gear (gloves, T-shirts mouth guards and jumpers) to Masaka Kids Africana and cash worth USD 100,000 (At least Ug.Shs 376,116,100) for development of grass-roots boxing programs.

Umar Kremlev with some of the Masaka Kids
Kremlev receives a framed photo from a representative of Masaka Kids Africana

For starters, the Masaka Kids Africana center has about 40 kids and attained global fame for the exceptional music performance and dancing skills.

Their motto of “Dance, Rise and Shine” has lived to the expected billing after successful album projects as “Grateful”, “Let’s Praise” and “We are the Stars” among others.

As Kremlev boarded the private jet to his next destination in Montengero, the smiles left to millions of boxers in Uganda leave lasting impressions for ages.

Better still, the momentous smiles in that historic photo frame of Kremlev, Hon Ogwang, Muhangi and Tashobya will spill over for years and generations ahead.

Minister Hon. Peter Ogwang talks to the media on Sunday morning

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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