Shooting in Basketball

Dribbling, footwork, passing, rebounding and shooting are basic basketball skills-but every player loves to shoot the basketball. Probably the most practiced skill is shooting and coaches spend a good portion of their practice time on shooting drills to improve their players’ skill level. Well after all if you can’t shoot-you can’t score!

It’s however disappointing that the shooting percentage is bellow average for most players in the FUBA league not because they are poor shooters but take shooting basics for granted. To be successful at shooting (whether jump shots, lay-up or free-throw) there are basics that must be used. The shooting tips bellow will give players and coaches an understanding of what these basics are;

1. Proper shooting technique should be used by players. Remembering Balance, Eye, Elbow and Follow-through (BEEF) helps when shooting whether in practice or the game.

2. Players need to be in proper balance when shooting. Its critical to have proper balance(side to side and front to back) for all shots.

3. Players should always concentrate and focus on the part of the rim that is closest to them as they shoot. For lay-ups and bank shots focus should be on the part of the backboard where the ball will be banked.

4. Players should know when they have a good shot to take. They need to find the right balance between when they are not shooting enough and shooting too often. As players develop confidence in their shots, they also develop the ability to determine when they have a good shot to take.

5. Follow through is important for every shot that I taken. its is one thing that shows whether the shot has been made or missed.

6. The jump should be natural when players are shooting the jump shot; the jump should not b forced. The jump should be straight up and the ball released at the top of the jump (Up-Hand-Shoot).

7. When shooting free throws, players should be relaxed, have their knees slightly bent and concentrate on the basket. Excessive and unnecessary movement should be avoided. Only motion needed to take and make the shot should be made.

8. Players should have an arc on every shot they take. The arc may vary from player to player; some players may have flat shots while others have high arcs. If the right technique is used and the shots are going in, well then the arc is right.

9. Players must practice all their shots and should learn to shoot from any location on the court which helps them become all rounder shooters. Over 30% for 3-pointers, over 50% for field goals, over 70% for free-throws and over 90% for lay-ups are good shooting goals that a player should strive to achieve.

Franklin Kaweru is the Editor in Chief of Kawowo Sports. He is an ardent basketball enthusiast.

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