It could either a Kenyan or an African proverb which says when two elephants clash, the grass or perhaps, the ground suffers. The ongoing trends in Ugandan sport particularly football; netball and wrangles have raised dust that even the people involved do not see where to head.

One can critically notice that the dirty games played by top office bearers in sports are slowly downing everything within their reach. All stake holders in the sport lost out when footballers under their umbrella body, the Uganda Footballers’ Association had strike due to poor failure.

Many decisions have gone wrong from National Council of Sports, the Sports ministry and federations involved, leaving many sports in a net. Wrangles in netball are sprouting and in the long run, the sport will cruise down like a helpless cart on a slope.

The major reasons for many of these trivial matters are basically individual, and ordinarily of personal interest. The outcome of all the messy ideas only leaves the sport divided with many corners and factions just like boxing. Individuals and few people gain much from these ugly scenes in the sport but the audience out there that watches only picks nothing.

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