In every life category, be it entertainment of any kind like music, movies, or politics, business and even sport, the bit of fascination, excitement, allurement comes in. In Uganda, the rest could be well concealed except for sport. It is not a 100% fact but ominously visible that sports persons in this country do not often get the glare of publicity off pitch, track, field or court. I mean the bit to do with accolades, diadems, honours, tributes, crowns and the like.

Crowning and recognizing the stars may look minor and the whole issue could probably be the main reason why our players offer mediocre performances especially on the local scene. In the Nile Special rugby premier league, there are man-of-the-match medals, that could only be a motivation for veteran Robert Seguya against his former bosses, the Heathens in a Kyadondo derby.

From the time the same idea moved to this year’s men’s 68 million sponsored national league, the level of the sport is on the rise and so far, results have been pleasing.

If US-based weightlifter, Charles Sekyaaya had not won last month’s Uganda Sports Press Association (USPA), then many would pose the “who-is-he” question come this year’s London Olympics. His triumph for March also comes with a half a million plaque. This only is enough to inspire the athlete ahead of the quadrennial event.

In this season’s Bell Uganda Super League, the introduction of player-of-the-month honour created charm among the fans and players but the project died out though the sponsor is still there.

As usual in tournaments, best performers are often awarded and get the limelight. If this can move even low profile sports, schools’ competitions, there would be tremendous development, not forgetting the shot in the arms where need be. Beyond USPA, many athletes win, produce results in the shadow, hence low motivation since they think they are less cared about.

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