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Bunamwaya SC qualified for their first ever Bell Uganda Cup Final after as many tempts as we can remember. Born and bred in Bunamwaya, Luwaga W St Kizito wasn’t alive when the club embarked on a dream that is almost becoming a reality. He talked to Kawowo Sport’s Clive Kyazze on the chances of his club against URA FC, what he plans to do in case he scores the winning goal and who he sees as threats in the opponent’s side. Below is full interview:
Clive Kyazze: Would you regard this to be your best season with bunamwaya?
Luwaga W St Kizito: No, am not proud of my performance. Am on and off.
Clive Kyazze: But it’s the season you have commanded a starting place with the club since you joined them.
Luwaga W St Kizito: No my first season with coach Mayanja (Jackson) is memorable.
Clive Kyazze: Ok what do you think of Bunamwaya’s chances this season? The club is chasing a double and play URA FC in a week’s time in a week’s time.
Luwaga W St Kizito: What am sure of is the finals, am sure we are going to win it because we can’t let such an open chance slip out of our hands.
Clive Kyazze: why do u call it an open chance?
Luwaga W St Kizito: I believe it’s so easy to win one game than many.
Clive Kyazze: Lately your team has been struggling to win games including the last one you lost. what makes you confident?
Luwaga W St Kizito: You know Ugandans, we put in more when we are expecting something like money after, but in Bunamwaya we do have supportive structure these days.
Clive Kyazze: Bunamwaya is also chasing a double with the same team URA. Do you think you can achieve what URA FC failed last season?
Luwaga W St Kizito: Yeah I really believe it because most of their players lost hope after the CAF failure and they have failed to win 2 games lately.
Clive Kyazze: How will you be able to approach the fatigue factor in your team?
Luwaga W St Kizito: Which fatigue? We all relaxed maybe  wadada (Nicholas returned with the U20 from Mozambique).
Clive Kyazze: On your road to Pece did you ever see your team in the finals?
Luwaga W St Kizito: yah personally I did, because this time round our path was somehow easy compared to the previous ones.
Clive Kyazze: who do you think will be able to carry the team shoulder high in Gulu?
Luwaga W St Kizito: Bunamwaya has so many good players, anyone can do it. But am really sure of Okhuti’s goal.
Clive Kyazze: But who would u credit to have Bunamwaya in the final?
Luwaga W St Kizito: it has been like a collective effort. I won’t point out some.
Clive Kyazze: Speaking of Okhuti, do you think he is the reason bunamwaya is in the position you are right now in the cup tournament?
Luwaga W St Kizito: I would to think so but sometimes Odur (Tony), Martin (Muwanga), and myself have scored important goals.
Clive Kyazze: How do you feel about the season your team has had so far?
Luwaga W St Kizito: I think we are about to have the best season since I saw bunamwaya in the top league.
Clive Kyazze: Did you get affected by the earlier politics in football?
Luwaga W St Kizito: sooooooooooo much and I hated it.
Clive Kyazze: What do you attribute your good form to?
Luwaga W St Kizito: The competition in the team which has made me work hard, and the so much praying
Clive Kyazze: Why didn’t you play as defending champions yet this season you are doing well?
Luwaga W St Kizito: Anti mwana as u know Bunamwaya officials when they buy players they think that it’s done, yet we need more that’s what happened last season. This seasons players problems have been solved and also the departure of Mike (Mutyaba) and Owen (Kasule) motivates us.
Clive Kyazze: How has it motivated you?
Luwaga W St Kizito: Everyone got hope to move to a better life if you perform well, but previously we had no live example.
Clive Kyazze: Going back to the cup final topic, how will you celebrate beating URA in the finals?
Luwaga W St Kizito: Haaa simanyi nakumanya naye (i dont even know but) only Jah knows
Clive Kyazze: What would it mean scoring the winning goal on Saturday?
Luwaga W St Kizito: I already thought about it today en I think it will be my best moment this season. And am going to pray hard for it you never know my God can do it for me.
Clive Kyazze: Which player in URA do you fear the most?
Luwaga W St Kizito: Ssentongo (Robert)
Clive Kyazze: I thought being a forward it would maybe be Masaba (Simeon) or Sam Mubiru, maybe Lawrence Segawa?
Luwaga W St Kizito: Kayizzi if he is on
Clive Kyazze: Any of the defenders?
Luwaga W St Kizito: And may be Nsumba (Augustine)
Clive Kyazze: Seems you are not scared of the URA defense?
Luwaga W St Kizito: No I only fear their forwards
Clive Kyazze: Lastly you have not had many wins against URA FC in the past, how do you plan to change that
Luwaga W St Kizito: I know but this is more different, it’s a final and we have never met in one, anything can happen.
Clive Kyazze: What’s your prediction?
Luwaga W St Kizito: A 2:1win for us.

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