Never bury your talent or else, you could miss going places.
Imagine beating fellow athletes to the finish-line on the track, scoring a late winner in a tournament’s deciding match or taking your best shots to win a darts’ tourney and you receive an offer beyond stepping on the podium.
That’s what the best sportsmen and women from the ninth edition of the Uganda Inter-force Games held back in 2011 are going through.
The reward is evidently late but at least still not just overlooked. Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) management lived up to its word and gave them an opportunity to visit the Murchison falls National Park.
The 30-man contingent was flagged off by executive director Dr. Andrew Seguya and arrived at the country’s largest national park on Thursday evening.
The promise, announced by executive director Dr. Andrew Seguya at the closing ceremony on November 25 at Namboole then, was delayed due to the recent change of faces in office at the body.
“Its all wonderful witnessing the top of the world’s most powerful falls, having game drives and seeing fauna as your splendid efforts are recognised.” Uganda Police Force sprinter Ali Ngaimoko, one of the athletes conceded. Other athletes who traveled yesterday for the three-day tour were from Uganda Peoples Defence Forces, Uganda Prisons Services and UWA.

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