Personalities who engage in various contact sports are at a greater risk of getting injuries at one moment in their careers than those in non contact sporting disciplines. When it comes to extremely contact bound disciplines like Rugby, football, basketball, Hockey, American Football, Boxing and Kick Boxing the risk is more inevitable. Some injuries come forth as a result of deliberate actions and others are purely accidental.

The biggest speculation around town today is the manner by which MTN Heathens’ greatest revelation of the season thus far, Phillip Wokorach, 19, broke his right femur bone under a tackle by G4S Pirates’ Anthony Kinene. The injury severely dampened the mood for the many spectators who turned up at Kyadondo Rugby grounds. In fact, by the final whistle, nobody cheered even all for a Kyadondo final between the Heathens and Buffaloes come next month.

Wokorach’s injury has thus been a subject of debate for many sportsmen, spectators and pundits alike. Various views about Kinene’s tackle that led to the horrible injury developed shortly after the match at Kyadondo, sprang on streets, homes, offices, print and electronic media, and eventually climaxed on the various social media networks.

Speaking to Kawowo Sports for the first time after his predicament, the victim castigated his tackler and thinks the tackle was intended to harm him. “Mumaze”, literally translated, “I am done with him”, was the only word that Phillip Wokorach heard as he languished down on the Kyadondo turf in severe pain.

Wokorach’s teammates and the entire club management think, there was some element of malice in the tackle. “ I witnessed Kinene tackling Phillip but why then did he bend his body on the right leg, anyway, I will first verify with the footage”, said namesake, Michael Wokorach (no biological relationship). In fact  by press time, Heathens were contemplating on lodging an official compliant to the Rugby Union after scrutinizing the footage.

Perhaps, Richard Bbira, a rugger himself, who was closely following the proceedings near the fateful zone of the event, reasons: it was a fair tackle that any Rugby player would have executed. “Kinene never intended to hurt Phillip, I believe it was just an accident”, Bbira, a hooker with Entebbe Mongers says.

Kinene Speaks out

Veteran Anthony Kinene, who has played Rugby for more than a decade pleads innocent. “For what reason and basis should I hurt and injury a budding talent like Phillip? In fact  am a role model to Wokorach and many others. It was purely an accident”, pleaded Rugby Cranes Kicker who also doubles as the national Lady Cranes Coach.

Whether Kinene’s tackle was deliberate or intended, the truth remains to be discovered.


When recovering from a rugby injury there are a few things to consider. As with most sports, regaining strength and flexibility after an injury are important to a successful rehabilitation. Neck, shoulder, hip and core strength, as well as flexibility of the hamstrings and hip flexors are important for overall conditioning and can minimize the chances of an athlete sustaining a secondary injury. Because rugby is a continuously moving sport, working to regain a high level of endurance also plays a large role in the effectiveness of a player returning from a rugby injury.


•Practice a balanced and structured training regimen involving strength, flexibility and endurance

•Always use proper technique when tackling, rucking and scrumming

•Learn proper positioning during game play to minimize risky moves

•Use a quality, properly fitted mouth guard

•Participate at a level consistent with ability

•Adhering to the rules for the formation of the scrum

•Ask your athletic trainer or other sports medicine professional about any training or injury questions

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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