Center Court Sports Club manager Arthur Ssegawa, has set his eyes on becoming the new Uganda Lawn Tennis Association chairman, when the local tennis governing body goes for its general assembly on April 20 at Kampala Club.

“I am standing as a candidate for Chairman Uganda Lawn Tennis Association because I want to help the future of Tennis in Uganda brighter and better,” reads his manifesto. “I feel strongly that all tennis clubs and players should be heard and have an effective vehicle for raising their concerns in relation to tennis issues.”

Ssegawa, will be trying to unseat current chairman Cedric Babu, who will be vying for his second term in office that has seen him have a poor relationship with National Council of Sports.

“I know the current association has a poor relationship with NCS and also have a debt with International Tennis Federation that we have to clear,but at the same time we need to improve our relationship and clear our debts,” Ssegawa lamented. “My intentions are to have four top tennis tournaments on the calendar including participating in several international youth tournaments and also receiving funding from the world tennis governing body ITF.

Ssegawa plays squash,volleyball,football,cricket,pool,badminton and tennis and hopes with his background of sports will take the sport to another level.

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