Uganda tennis scholars Henry Ayesiga, John Lutaya Winnie Birungi and Frank Tayebwa  who are at the Sadili Oval Sports Academy in Langata, Kenya were impressive at the third edition of the Smashers Challenge over the weekend.

In the boys Under 18 saw favorities Henry Ayesiga and compatriot John Lutaya sail through to the finals, with Ayesiga winning 6-1,6-3 with crisp, well appointed strokes.

In the girl’s Under 12 was won by Winnie Birungi who beat Burundi’s Hoziana Kimbala beating her 6-2, 6-1. The Ugandan junior tennis players are under-taking tennis scholarships at the Sadili Academy which has seen them improve and rise up in this region.

In other results  at Sadili Oval Sports Academy had a turn  open singles, and reaching the semi-finals, losing to eventual winner Ibrahim Hakizimana (Burundi), who beat Charles Ochieng (Kenya) narrowly on a final super tie-break (10-4), to lift the overall Under 14 title.

In the Boys U16, Ronax Otieno downed hard-fighting talent, Wycliff Okenye 3/6,6/1,10/4, then retired to favourite Frank Tayebwa in the final.

Other nationals at the center include players from Tanzania, Burundi, Uganda and Kenya. The Sadili Oval Sports Academy was founded by Dr Liz Odera, who has developed and nurtured players in the region through her sports academy.

The Smashers Challenge is a Level B tournament for top juniors in the Tennis Africa Cup ranking and recognized by the Nairobi County Tennis Association

Winnie Birungi v/s Hoziana Kitambala 6/2,6/1
Winnie Birungi v/s Aziza Manarakiza 6/0,6/0
Winnie Birungi v/s Sauda Akimana 6/0,6/0
Hoziana Kitambala v/s Aziza Manarakiza 6/0,6/1
Hoziana Kitambala v/s Sauda Akiamana 6/0,6/1
Aziza Manarakiza v/s Sauda Akimana 2/6,1/6
Winner:Winnie Birungi
Runner-up:Hoziana Kitambala


Pool A

Ibrahim Hakizimana v/s Charles Ochieng 6/0,6/2

Ibrahim Hakizimana v/s Hoziana Kitambala 6/1,6/0

Charles Ochieng v/s Hoziana Kitambala 6/4,6/3

1st Ibrahim Hakizimana

2nd Charles Ochieng

Pool B

Antony Owita v/s Elizabeth Aluoch 6/3,6/2

Antony Owita v/s Winnie Birungi 6/3,6/2

Elizabeth Aluoch v/s Winnie Birungi 3/6,2/6

1st Antony Owita

2nd Winnie Birungi


Ronex Otieno v/s Sylvester Juma 7/5,6/2
Ronex Otieno v/s Frank Tyebwa w/o
Ronex Otieno v/s Wycliffe Okenye 3/6,6/1,10/4
Sylvester Juma v/s Frank Tayebwa 1/6,2/6
Sylvester Juma v/s Wycliffe Okenye
Frank Tayebwa v/s Wycliffe Okenye 6/3,6/4
Winner: Frank Tayebwa
Runner-up: Ronax Otieno
Pool A
Henry Ayesiga v/s Sylvester Juma 6/1,6/3
Henry Ayesiga v/s Frank Tayebwa 6/1,6/2
Sylvester Juma v/s Frank Tayebwa 1/6,2/6
1st Henry Ayesiga
2nd Frank Tayebwa

Pool B

John Lutaaya v/s Ronax Otieno 6/4,6/3

John Lutaaya v/s Wycliffe Okenye 6/1,5/7,10/7

John Lutaaya settling into his new game style

John Lutaaya v/s Emmanuel Omondi 6/0,6/1

Ronax Otieno v/s Wycliffe Okenye 3/6,6/1,10/4

Ronax Otieno v/s Emmanuel Omondi 5/7,7/5,10/4

Wycliffe Okenye v/s Emmanuel Omondi 6/1,6/2

1st John Lutaaya

2nd Ronax Otieno

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