Remarkable tidal trends! For a sport many regarded as one for idlers, unemployed and the most minority groups in community, pool has continued to shock with several gradual developmental bench marks.

First, it remains one of the only games in the country to be embraced by all – old and young, rich and poor, male and female, educated and illiterate, name it.

This year’s Nile Special National Open Pool Championship Regional qualifiers have provided the best plat form to illustrate the above mentioned scenario.

From filthy rich businessmen, politicians, educationalists, lawyers, journalists to rest of the elite and odd professions , pool has been the uniting element.

The eastern regional qualifiers that last weekend witnessed a professional Doctor (Consultant Surgeon in Soroti Regional Referral Hospital) and a Jinja based a lawyer progress for the national finals in Lugogo (6th September 2014).

Dr. Joseph Epodoi, who is 43 years, has played pool since 1998 qualified for the second time after missing out on the last three years.

Despite losing to Samuel Oiko in the Finals, Epodoi is confident to set a challenge in the Grand Finals , where 128 players are expected to take part.

Oiko beat last year’s Soroti Champion, Sam Ecum 4-3 in the Best of Seven finals while Dr. Epodoi overcame Michael Mwambo to book the third slot from Soroti.

Another professional who qualified at Queen’s Palace Jinja after struggling for the past years Silas Wasswa, a lawyer by profession.

Wasswa overcame Navy Matovu (teammate at Trust and Obey) in semifinals before nailing Eric Magabo 4-3 in a very tight but thrilling best of 7 finals to seal number one slot.

Matovu, Jinja’s Number one in 2012 qualified as the Second Runner-Up after beating Kia Hazard 3-2 in the Best of Five classification fixture.

In Mbale, Badru Ssembatya beat Eddy Modi 4-0 to claim the Mbale regional title in the best of 7 finals at Sports Club.

 Sulaiman Wadora, 47, the oldest qualifier so far beat Michael Matoni in the best of 5 losers’ Game.

“The level of Competition is too high as we are seeing new champions from most of the Region that shows the development in the sport.” Pool Association of Uganda (PAU), Publicist, Michael Mawanda.


David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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