It started as a joke weeks back when Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) head coach, Alex Isabirye ordered all players in the team who wore dreadlocks to ‘transform’ to short hair.

Many first laughed him off until a directive was passed by the top club management lest the defiant crop vacated the club for pastures green.

A month later, new Sports Club Villa President, Eng. Ben Emmanuel Missaga passed the same resolution that called for immediate action or else the affected players parted ways with the club with immediate effect .

Misagga’s resolution was greeted with mixed reactions from the players who wore the dreads and for his hesitation, Yayo Lutimba, one of the affected players departed.

Interestingly, Uganda Cranes midfielder, Hassan Wasswa, one player known to have treasured his hair led the way to have the dreads removed and start a new life all together.

Teammates, Karim Ndugwa, Derrick ‘Rasta’ Walulya adhered while Fred Nkata opted for a shorter version in cornrows – which Misagga is ‘partly happy’with.

“Actually, with or with out hair, there is a life to live. I will carry on and revival my career”, Wasswa, who ironically looked suspect said.

Now that Wasswa has agreed to trim off the hair and ‘start a new life’, a billion questions still loom; is it the hair that plays soccer, isn’t an infringement on human rights and interests, should all top sports icons adhere to in-house pressing rules, and the like.

 For humanity reasons, i would Partly side with defiant group. I would never be happy for Misagga and all those who forcefully enforce decisions against humans especially on something that has existed for ages.

The history of dreadlocks dates as far back as the 15th century.

Infact, our neighbors the Masai of Kenya claim to have been the first people to wear dreadlocks (as a sign of soil) though there are reports about the Baye people in Senegal, Fall, followers of the Mouride movement, a Sufi movement of Islam founded in 1887.

People have  among various reasons advanced for wearing locks.

Locks are known as an expression of deep religious or spiritual convictions, pride, personality statements, and for sheer showcase of fashion.

Augustine Tamale, a journalist working with Bukedde newspaper presents the cons against footballers donning dreadlocks as being dirty and out of place, something i will disagree with.

Hairstyles, like many forms of fashion, is a result of choice and individual expression.

 Let us not castigate footballers with dreadlocks, as it does not appeal to his chosen form of fashion expression, I find his suggestion of a defined “smartness” rather shallow.

Having dreadlocks does not mean one is unkempt. Dreadlocks like any other hairstyle should be kept clean neat and tidy.

I will side with Missagga and company on just one front – for basic reasons like uniformity.

The debate will definitely roll on and on.

Feel free to leave behind your opinion.

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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