At the prime of his career, ‘Lugolobi’ (real identity forsaken), a former professional Ugandan boxing champion, swam in fame, fortune and was adored in equal measure by comrades and foes alike.

Corporate companies, personalities from all walks of life, fellow sportsmen, business entities, sports administrators and fans across the divide sang praises for the boxing icon.

Unknown to many, Lugolobi’s social life style exhibited through the uncontrolled lavish expenditures, wild partying prior to and after a competitive fight was a ‘silent cancer’ that attacked the glamorous career of the boxer.

At 32 years, after an enviable record that had 45 professional fights with 39 victories (33 of these knock outs), a draw and 5 losses; a strange disease latter discovered as the Parkinson’s disease prematurely marked the end of Lugolobi’s epoch.

Six months later, after desperate attempts to treat the disease in vain, the former boxer’s extended family of 14 struggled to afford at least a meal a day – dwelling on generous handouts from fellow sportsmen and a few fans.

With no assured savings from his glamorous career, the family disposed off the former boxer’s valuable assets including the house and two vehicles.

There are lots of several learning points from Lugolobi’s lifestyle that can help many active sportsmen out there to live responsibly, plan ahead of their careers and seek (if any) professional technocrats to manage their lives.

Save, Invest and Plan Ahead:

Heavy weight Boxers Kenneth Odeke (left) and Hudson Muhumuza during a recent fight.

Unlike the ancient fisherman who had a tradition of consuming all that was harvested and the money realized from the sales under the guise the lake is there forever, sportsmen today should harbor a mentality of saving their fortune.

This is one of the best ways to plan for that an uncertain future time which always lies ahead of each of us.

For all sportsmen across the divide, planning for oneself ought to be an individual responsibility with key pillars embedded under one’s sustainability, continuity and effective planning of that unforeseen future.

There are as a million project proposals on this globe as the people exist.

The bottom line is incline along a certain project lest seek for advice on how best to invest your resources for the betterment of a well planned strategy.

Borrow Leaf from successful Partners:

There is a specific crop of personalities whose success script clearly spells out the procedure on why and how they have always been by the ‘right path of the road’.

Uganda’s sportsmen too need to ‘copy’ and replicate the same strategies successful personalities use to establish self-sustaining powerful financial empires.

If businessmen, lawyers, doctors, carpenters, fishmongers, taxi drivers, teachers, journalists, accountants and the like can save their fortunes and build remarkable empires, then how about sportsmen?

Employ Professionals:

At the current dynamic nature of the world, Uganda’s sportsmen need efficient managers to help plan for them how to go about with their business and day–to-day life affairs.

Efficient managers can best explain when, how and why their clients require all the assistance that can be hired at a cost from other professionals – doctors, physical trainers (physiologists), financial managers, nutritionists, or even counselors (psychologists).

All well said, the future of Uganda’s sportsmen will forever remain suspect unless the basic normality’s are skipped.

Otherwise, unless the right path is trod, then the Lugolobi script is bound to be circulated from a cross the cricket oval, boxing ring, football stadium, running track, golf course, tennis lawn, chess playing room, net ball court to other playing facilities.

Lets plan now, now and today!

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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