Ugandan Umar Semata has lost the World Kick Boxing Federation (WKF) Intercontinental Welterweight title to Australian Piotr Lagodzki in a dramatic but devastating manner.

On a cool Sunday evening at the Lugogo Indoor stadium, it all started well with a few undercards of which the main was contested between South African Ncedo Gomba and Samir Shakir which the former won by Knock Out after just three rounds.

Unlike Friday when the main fight didn’t take place due to a combination of factors including poor time management and a heavy downpour, this time round everything was on time and as early as 10pm, the main fight was ready to get started.

Umar Semata in the ring alongside manager Alice Namatovu, Jack Pemba and Raga Dee before the fight (Photo: John Batanude)

The Australian took to the ring first amidst boos from the crowd before Semata joined him moments later to a thunderous applause.

The Fight gets underway

Both fighters started slowly but Semata looked agile and fitter but there was not much to write about.

The rounds; two, three and four belonged to Semata whose punches and kicks often saw Lagodzki slip to the ground but the Australian remained firm despite signs that a knock out was in the offing but all that changed after the latter round as the Ugandan gave up.

Dramatic end to the bout as Semata wobbles

Drama and confusion started after the break. As we headed to the fifth and final round, Semata nearly punched one of his seconders and the referee when the bell to restart rang.

Semata wobbling in the ring after allegedly losing sight going into the final roun (Photo: John Batanude)

He then started wobbling in the ring but the medical team rushed to his attention. Everyone in the Arena was left amused as none knew what was going on.

At this moment, Lagodzki and his team started to celebrate victory as it was imminent Semata couldn’t carry on.

Australian Piotr Lagodzki jubilates after technically knocking out Ugandan Umar Semata (Photo: John Batanude) 

“He says he can’t see. He has lost his sight,” Ncedo Gomba one of his seconders told Kawowo Sports. “We can’t tell what the cause is right now but it’s clear he can’t carry on,” he added.

Asked what could have caused such, his trainer blamed the many ‘unofficial coaches’.

First of all, it’s sad and disappointing to lose a fight in such a manner. I guess his brain got confused from the many pieces of advice he was getting. A lot of people came so near our corner and everyone was talking to him which isn’t right.

It’s the first time I witnessed this happen since its only coaches allowed to speak to the fighter. I guess that coupled with high pressure due to the rounds that had gone caused something to his brain.

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